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  • Thanks to both Lucy’s for writing interesting posts this week. You both wrote about the work you are doing and your experiences. Lucy Y brought up an interesting conversation with her boyfriend about the […]

  • I’ve graded about half the source plays/detective stories for each class. Overall, they are very well done, with almost all As and Bs as grades. They have been creative and interesting to read. Only a few people […]

  • ThumbnailLucy Yen wrote, “I didn’t want to force the students to talk to each other because, who knows, maybe their quiet research is actually more effective.” It’s an interesting question. Research shows that discussion […]

  • How to be a Better Peer (Reviewer)
    An important– and dreaded– stage in the drafting process is peer review! Teachers often employ this strategy after first drafts to offer peer-feedback on assignments, but are […]

  • I posted the assignment for this draft under unit 2 assignments on the course website. You won’t find many surprises there, but read the assignment carefully so you meet all the requirements. You need THREE COPIES […]

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    Wait, what? I’m confused. I wasn’t ‘talking about you, Lucy. You are a UTA, and you aren’t a student in the class, and it goes without saying, you aren’t remotely apathetic. I couldn’t agree more that the 9:30 class is engaged and interested. With the exception of only one or two, they are fantastic in class and usually on top of it out of class,…[Read more]

  • You both wrote interesting posts this week.

    Lucy Y: You wrote about feeling frustrated when students refuse to try. You are right: as a teacher, it’s really hard to accept that a student who you are trying to […]

    • “…it must be striking to really see how some students just don’t care. All we can do is continue to try to engage them and hope that something might catch their interest. In my opinion, I really do think it’s most about apathy….Sigh.

      If they care, and then fail…?
      Where did they learn the apathy? and not caring? Someone convinced them not to care … Sigh.

      Glad you’re still willing to engage them, hoping they find interest.!!

    • Hi Professor Gordon,
      I know we have been talking about this lately, but I am still convinced most of the 9:30 class IS interested and engaged.
      Guess what, when I am not held accountable for proving I have read an assignment or begun research promptly, it is because I am having trouble balancing my work load and trying to get those assignments that must be turned in ready to turn in. Often, I cannot complete a reading once a week. And unfortunately, the reading I usually skip is for an interesting and difficult class. I am not alone, my classmates are also frustrated and I am certain our professor has noticed and is more frustrated than the rest of us. My decision to skip a reading is not from apathy, but from issues with time management. Most of the 9:30 class are freshmen, out of the house and parent free, and having trouble managing their time. I know I did, and that I still do!
      Lucy t

    • Wait, what? I’m confused. I wasn’t ‘talking about you, Lucy. You are a UTA, and you aren’t a student in the class, and it goes without saying, you aren’t remotely apathetic. I couldn’t agree more that the 9:30 class is engaged and interested. With the exception of only one or two, they are fantastic in class and usually on top of it out of class, too. Not sure what I said that got this reaction.

  • Here I sit, alone in my office, on the second of two reading days at VCU. While I met with most students on Wednesday before the break, I did meet with some students on Thursday and another this morning, on […]

  • Both Lucy’s have mentioned that they feel like the students don’t need them that much. I think this is about to change dramatically really quickly. As we enter unit 2 and I see the broad topics proposed by the […]

  • We are well into the third week of classes now, and both of my two sections of UNIV 112 are doing quite well. However, as we have discussed in our UTA meetings, both are also quite different from one another. This is nothing unusual, however, but it is nonetheless always striking.

    The 9:30am class is vocal, to say the least. There are frequently times when there are more than 5 hands raised at the same moment, and I would estimate that 75% of the class participates on a daily basis–and about 25% of them participate many times throughout each class. There are two boys in the back who participate a LOT. What they have to say is useful, and they are respectful in their manners, but I wonder if the sheer amount of their participation keeps others from participating.  As is always the case, each class period has only so much time.

    The 11am class is more average in their participation. I would not call them quiet, necessarily, but at times, I feel that the same 5-6 people people are answering every question. Actually, I feel like that a lot. Based on the work I collected last week (the annotated copy of the essay), I suspect that many of these students are simply not doing the homework. Because they are not prepared, they can’t participate. This tells me that they need more accountability. Next week, I’ve told them to expect a quiz over The Circle. Given that I have reminded them to read the book many times over the last three weeks, I really hope that they do well on the quiz. My plan is to design it so that they don’t need to understand the intricacies of the text, but they do need to show that they recently read the book carefully. So I will ask some specific questions about events that I think everyone who recently read the book would remember. Since I am rereading the book right now this week, I’m in a good position to write this type of quiz right now.

    It’s still very early in the semester, and I won’t have seen any sustained writing from my students until next week. So it’s too early to really draw any conclusions. So far, I think we are off to a very good start! Thanks to both my UTAs for their contributions and enthusiasm about the class!


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  • Hi Lucys! Please let me know if you can post to this site…


  • Call the VCU Writing Center for an appointment! You can meet online using Google Hangout OR make a face-to-face appointment.

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