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    By William Hughes

    Jun 27, 2014 3:30 PM

    Scientists at Facebook have published a paper showing that they manipulated the content seen by more than 600,000 users in an attempt to determine whether this […]

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      Sarah, you did a great job in supplementing the most important hyperlinks to webpages. that are most relevant for the paper. well done!

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      Yea i also felt the visuals were adequate for the length of the paper. Anymore without adding additional writing would make it almost like 50/50. I am glad i am not the only one who would of added more opinion, I think this whole thing is too slimy to just give it a pass without saying anything about the potentially unethical status of it all.

    • You linked to the Kramer interview, which I also found as I practiced this assignment. Kramer was asked: Q: What are some of the interesting questions you’ve answered since you’ve been here?

      And his answer was: Do emotions spread contagiously? What do the words we choose have to say about how we are and who we are?

      THESE were his research questions for his study — just as you guys have a research question. Also loved the comments after this interview:
      And out of intellectual curiosity, can you guys actually measure how much WORSE you have made the world? Keep us all posted!

      Comments indicate furious facebook users!

    • Yeah I agree that it felt natural to add links to some words. Doing this makes it so much easier then have to actually include it in the article.

      I would also have to agree with the fact that there should have been more information on the experiment. It was a bit confusing but after adding links and doing background research I was able to find out about. As I am sure you were able to do as well.

      You can never go wrong with pictures or visuals!