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    Here is my Final Inquiry Site, let me know what you think, thanks

  • Why Working Hard May Not Pay Off
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    By Cindy Wahler, Ph.D.

    One of my very first positions was in the retail industry. I thought I had been a loyal employee working long hours, […]

  • If I had to describe this course in a few words I would say a blank tapestry that left the brushes and paint right in front of me do to what I wanted with them.  I think the main point of this course was to make […]

  • sharmamd posted a new activity comment 6 years, 11 months ago

    I would have to agree with you, the doodle exercise was awesome because just like you, I am also constantly doodling. I think it was a good way to express ourselves but at the same time critically thinking about a specific topic.

  • sharmamd posted a new activity comment 6 years, 11 months ago

    I think that comparing understanding to seeing is an awesome comparison. I never really noticed that the two were interchangeable but when you bring it up, it actually makes a lot of sense! I also liked how you compared someone using new glasses and someone who uses old glasses and the difference between the two. Great descriptions and comparisons!

  • sharmamd posted a new activity comment 6 years, 11 months ago

    The imagery you created by describing water being poured on top of jello is awesome, I can almos see it. I can see how you could compare the grooves being created to someone learning new ideas, kind of like gaining a new wrinkle on your brain.

  • I chose this picture to make a headline because it shows a man standing on top of a hill which he must have had to make some effort to get to the top of, as he looks upon a mountain which I imagine he wants to […]

    • I know exactly how feel in terms of the metaphor of climbing a mountain in this course, I feel the same way. Struggling up the mountain and enduring it until the end. I think the interview was also insightful as well. It gives you an insight into a persons initial thought process and helps you think from a new perspective. Do you think that this made you use that persons insight in your other assignments?

  • Interviewed: Kristen Davis

    Me and Kristen’s interviews of eachother were great, both of us were excited to answer these questions and we did over google docs which was kind of bland but its ok because the […]

    • Just to be clear, the responses are Kristen’s and you, Michael, asked the questions? It is obvious from the responses that there is a lack of clarity in understanding the concepts of thinking dispositions and thinking routines. I will have to clarify these terms.

    • Kristen, StepInside is a thinking routine. In Q1. you are asked to reflect on the thinking disposition(s) you are most aware of developing in your own learning.

      In Q3., similarly, you are asked to reflect on the thinking disposition you want to focus on as you begin your next project in this course and in your daily life.

      So questions about thinking dispositions were confused with those about thinking routines. I’d advise you to rewrite a new one on your own blog. Thanks for persevering.

    • Michael, my feedback to your reflect5 is on Kristen’s blog: http://rampages.us/kvachet/2015/07/13/reflect-x5/#comment-44

  • For my final project I have been (deciding) between two subjects, hardwork and perservance and the factors that enable success and the second topic, video games and its effect on hard skills and innate skills. But […]

    • Michael,

      I’m glad to see you’ve chosen to stick with your first final inquiry project idea—I think your research and unique perspective on your findings and thoughts about this topic will be really interesting.

      I think it’s a great idea to look at some of the factors that influence what determines someone’s success in life. In addition to interviewing some of your friends and getting their perspectives on the topic, it may also be interesting to look into the stories of some people who have done exceptionally well in life despite their earlier circumstances (e.g., the “rags-to-riches” stories we hear about all the time), as well as people who have had more struggles in their lives and were never quite able to get away from that environment.

      I’m excited to see what your final project is going to look like!
      Good luck! If you’re interested, I posted a link below about 10 well-known rags to riches billionaires.

    • Michael, don’t forget to read the Final Inquiry Project details. Use different media types – text, visuals, audio, audio visual, etc.

  • My name is John Cardiel, and in this photo all I am truly feeling  pain and defeat. Many would think that I am feeling angry but I am just frustrated that I knew I had it but I guess boardsliding a double kink […]

    • So he is a professional skateboarder (I googled!)? It would help if you hyperlink his name to some information website. E.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Cardiel or his own website? Professional website for skateboarders?

      “I guess boardsliding a double kink handrail and rolling away was not my fate today.”
      “Even if it means getting whooped by an inanimate object”

      Ideas like these could do with more explanation and elaboration. One way is to insert hyperlinks from other websites in your blog post to explanations of the concepts. I suggest you do that for your Inquiry project website too.

  • The link to my web gallery is https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/u/0/user-gallery/TgJitJ-3HpkVKg?projectId=art-project

    The word I went off of on was “fun,” primarily because I feel it is a feeling many […]

  • sharmamd posted a new activity comment 6 years, 12 months ago

    I’m so happy you connect with my F5F post. I totally agree with you as well, many of us see the people we look up to as though they are perfect and untouched by flaws but if we saw what it took for them to get there it would make them more human and make getting to that level even more attainable for us, physically and mentally.

  • sharmamd posted a new activity comment 6 years, 12 months ago

    This is an awesome poem Emily! I really like how you didn’t have to rhyme it to have its flow and you wrote everything that could truly describe the people inspire you. This poem inspires me! I feel that your being honest when you say the people who inspire you are your peers, teachers, family, future students and yourself because that’s who most…[Read more]

  • sharmamd posted a new activity comment 6 years, 12 months ago

    I think it’s awesome that your brother is taking such an expansive trip. I’ve always wanted to do that but lacked the willingness to commit. Leaving it all behind and entering a world that is so different than ours is truly inspiring, even if he isn’t my brother I can see why you chose him to be one of your inspirations.

    • Michael,

      I can totally relate to your fear of commitment when it comes to things like this. The thought of dropping everything and taking off for a four month journey (like my brother did) is terrifying, and on some level a little unrealistic. At first, I sort of resented his decision to leave when so many things were happening in our family (…[Read more]

  • I feel that when it comes to questions I was always the worst at asking the right ones. I always felt like there were so many, how would I know which one to ask. Being in this course the past few weeks as […]

    • This is an amazing song! Do you not believe in the saying: “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”? I ask questions all the time but I think this also has to do with my curious nature. I love to learn and to expand my mind, I always end up somewhere I thought I’d never be. When you push yourself to ask questions, do you find yourself somewhere you thought you’d never be in regards to your thinking routes and final destination?

    • I struggle to ask the right questions as well. I find that sometimes I am so unsure of something that I do not even know what question to ask or where to start! Its good to see that this course has been helping you. I feel like it has been helping me as well.

    • I admire your progress in finding the courage, focus, and commitment to ask questions when you need to. I too struggle with whether my question is really expressing what it is I am truly trying to ask. This class has helped me become more aware of my word choice, timing, and striking that balance of depth and clarity/focus to help convey my thoughts and questions more effectively.

      “Yes, and how many times must a man look up; Before he can see the sky?”
      This song makes me both sad and hopeful. Sad because I so often resist the urge to ask, for fear that I will not be heard, or worse that there is not an answer (particularly to the questions I have concerning more abstract, complex issues, like faith or fate). But the song’s message also inspires a sense of hope, in that with recognition and awareness, we will hopefully be given the courage and strength to never stop questioning—to know that we are never alone in our pursuit for finding answers and reaching at least some sort of an understanding and contentedness with the answers that we find and the conclusions that we draw.

  • For my final project I wanted to look at how people who grew up playing video games have been affected by it. In the sense of a greater ability to problem solve, becoming desensitized to certain situations or a […]

  • sharmamd wrote a new post, New Understanding, on the site Michael Sharma 7 years ago

    In the group project about food insecurity I think we all put in some good information that many of us may not have known about. But to analyze how I understood it, I will use the thinking routine “Connect Extend […]

  • sharmamd posted a new activity comment 7 years ago

    I appreciate your feedback professor K! I have been trying a bit to covey my thoughts better and yes I did draw the picture at the end. Thank you for the support!

  • sharmamd wrote a new post, My Creativity!, on the site Michael Sharma 7 years ago


    In the picture above is me after throwing myself down a set of stairs for about an hour and not coming away with a make. (See video below). I believe that many […]

    • “Heath inspires me today to understand that without the shedding of literal or even metaphorical blood, you will never progress through anything. Whether it be throwing myself down a gap, giving a speech in front of thousands of people, or writing a blog.”

      Michael, I love seeing you getting deep and imaginative, but don’t hurt yourself in the process of trying to make your ideas visible and creatively so.

      I definitely see you “stretching” yourself to “grow” — you have incorporated multiple forms of media to convey your ideas, and written some poetry too. Bravo!

      P.S. Did you draw the last picture?

    • “He taught me to just go for it because you may fail, but maybe you won’t, and that is worth the risk.” This quote resonates so deeply with me! But your video made the quote go even further with me. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel like I am more inspired by seeing you try and fail. It reminds me, in real life, that even great athletes, performers, teachers, or whoever fail before they succeed. When I see someone really nail something impressive (doing a handstand, playing a really difficult musical passage, or jumping over a flight of stairs on a skateboard) I sometimes feel defeated by their success. But your make and video has reminded me that behind every Great, there are hours and hours and HOURS of failed experiences that got them to their success.

    • I appreciate your feedback professor K! I have been trying a bit to covey my thoughts better and yes I did draw the picture at the end. Thank you for the support!

  • sharmamd posted a new activity comment 7 years ago

    I really like this quote, it signifies everything that makes us capable, adaptive and humanistic people. I heard once from a Grateful Dead song that says ” When life looks like easy street there is danger at your door”, and i think this is a true statement. If we do not challenge ourselves or we feel how we are living is too easy, there are issues…[Read more]

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