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    I feel that when it comes to questions I was always the worst at asking the right ones. I always felt like there were so many, how would I know which one to ask. Being in this course the past few weeks as […]

    • This is an amazing song! Do you not believe in the saying: “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”? I ask questions all the time but I think this also has to do with my curious nature. I love to learn and to expand my mind, I always end up somewhere I thought I’d never be. When you push yourself to ask questions, do you find yourself somewhere you thought you’d never be in regards to your thinking routes and final destination?

    • I struggle to ask the right questions as well. I find that sometimes I am so unsure of something that I do not even know what question to ask or where to start! Its good to see that this course has been helping you. I feel like it has been helping me as well.

    • I admire your progress in finding the courage, focus, and commitment to ask questions when you need to. I too struggle with whether my question is really expressing what it is I am truly trying to ask. This class has helped me become more aware of my word choice, timing, and striking that balance of depth and clarity/focus to help convey my thoughts and questions more effectively.

      “Yes, and how many times must a man look up; Before he can see the sky?”
      This song makes me both sad and hopeful. Sad because I so often resist the urge to ask, for fear that I will not be heard, or worse that there is not an answer (particularly to the questions I have concerning more abstract, complex issues, like faith or fate). But the song’s message also inspires a sense of hope, in that with recognition and awareness, we will hopefully be given the courage and strength to never stop questioning—to know that we are never alone in our pursuit for finding answers and reaching at least some sort of an understanding and contentedness with the answers that we find and the conclusions that we draw.