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    So this isn’t a blog that’s one of our required assignments, but more a quick reflection on my own experiences with the OLE course the past few weeks as it resonates with a comment a student recently made to me. […]

    • Sarah,
      You raise some very good questions and legitimate concerns! I often ask myself these very same questions too. My primary objective with OLE is to explore what is out there and to learn how to incorporate the latest technologies to help my students remain engaged and be part of a learning community. I totally agree that sometimes it becomes too intrusive.
      Good luck,

    • I totally understand your perspective, but I believe OLE is designed to give you the opportunity to explore a lot of the options that are available to instructors, in many cases you may come across tools that seem to serve similar purposes. What you’ll have to do is to know what your options are and then decide which ones are best suited for your engaging your students and meeting your learning objectives/goals. There are some tools that may work for a majority of instructors however, in some cases what works for your content area/students might not work for another instructor’s content area. I think it’s about finding that balance of what works for you. At the same time even though there are several options out there you may decide to just pick one at a time and integrate it into your teaching to see how it goes.

    • This post made me think; so much so that I wrote a whole blog post in response.


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