• Here is a comprehensive list of presentations I’ve given across the duration of my time in physical therapy school.  I’ve grouped them into categories for easier navigation.  Click on a title to access a PDF of e […]

  • The first 3-5 years of my practice will be some of the most important years of my life, as I will be establishing myself in the workplace and figuring out what my interests and passions in PT are! I haven’t q […]

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  • This past summer, I spent 8 weeks learning the ins and outs of inpatient neuro rehab at Sheltering Arms Hanover.  My clinical rotation experience was everything I could’ve asked for and more.  Medically com […]

  • My Behavioral Objectives:

    The student will be able to perform an initial patient interview in a timely manner with supervision from the clinical instructor by the end of the clinical experience.
    The […]

    • Sam – I am so pleased that you had a positive experience! It sounds as if you learned so much – not only about clinical skills but also about interaction and interpersonal skills. These experiences will carry you through this next year and make all of your learning even more relevant.

      I am also pleased that you had such an interesting mix of patients and became aware of another setting in which PT is incredibly valuable and important. I look forward to seeing how your interests continue to evolve over the next 2 years!

    • Sam – my favorite quote from your blog post was the “GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY ALL BY MYSELF” quote. I felt like this everyday and was really proud of myself! I’m proud of your too! I’m glad you also understand that you need more practice in an inpatient setting before you decide if it’s really for you or not. I feel the same way about this too! I look forward to seeing you in the fall!

  • One year down…wow. A year ago today, I was getting ready to graduate from Virginia Tech and leave all of my best friends and the Blacksburg area I’d grown so accustomed to. I was anxious about most thi […]

    • Sam – what a great summary of your first year! It was fun to read and learn a bit more about you. I am so happy that you are confident that you are right where you belong! We will welcome you back to the beloved basement for round 2 in a few weeks. Enjoy the balance of your summer!

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    Good reflection of what you think you think you value the most vs. what the assessment stated you did. You seem to be very self-actualized, since both were relatively similar!

  • During our first year of PT school, our Clinical Education I class had a professional development component of the coursework. We filled out an activity that ranked 21 different values to determine the three most […]

    • Sam – I enjoyed reading your description of your childhood. Sounds as if you were persistent and determined! Your thirst for knowledge and value on skill will serve you well in this profession.

      I certainly agree that narrowing to 3 values is tough! I also agree that there are many more values that are at play as we make decisions and navigate life. It is enlightening to try and determine what bubbles to the top and why.

  • After taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator this year, I find that once again, my personality type is ISTJ, or the “duty fulfiller.” Ever since taking AP Psychology my junior year of high school, I’ve taken an un […]

    • Reading your post, I think it’s really interesting your comments about working with an ENFP. I closely ride the line between ENFP and ENFJ, which makes me think we could learn a lot from each other in working together. Day-to-day tasks I consider incredibly dull, I would much rather get into the good stuff, as you called it. I think I could learn from you how to be more detail-focused, and I like to think that you could learn from me how to better relate to and express your emotions. Hopefully we can continue a valuable learning process both with each other and the rest of our class!

    • Sam – I enjoyed reading your post and learning a bit more about you. As you describe, I too was surprised that you land as an I vs. an E. You are a good example of a person who seems to gather energy in a crowd but in reality you need alone time.

      I appreciate the recognition of what you can learn from your opposite. Exploring the differences and seeking to understand will certainly enhance your own experiences and help you learn adaptations that might not come naturally.

      Good work!