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    I have always been active with my digital identity through Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, I didn’t entirely realize this as a possibly bad thing until quite recently when I was sitting in my room reading “The […]

    • You’re comparison of your digital and physical identity speaks SO highly to me as I too do a bit of modeling but have no digital identity beyond that. People rarely see beyond what is in front of them, literally glaring through the screen, and will make judgements purely based off of what is presented to them. It’s extremely angering to hear someone, who knows absolutely nothing about the real you, making assumptions about your personality. I love how you spoke about your mini enlightenment you achieved while reading the novel. However, it’s important to recognize that while you should always be aware of how you portray yourself online, people will make their own judgements regardless. Let them.

    • I had a similar situation in high school. Everyone analyzes everyone based on so many things.. and in high school the last thing you think people are analyzing you from is social media. I thought my profile on social media in those years built me up and made me “acceptable” and desirable to a certain crowd. This was the kind of crowd every girl wants to be in in high school, the cool kids. The kids that people don’t fuck around with. The kids that seemingly have no problems, therefore making it easy for them to slide in and out of situations.. parties.. graded assignments.. you get the point.
      And for the most part, I succeeded. I slid by without using any of my actual talent. I disregarded my worth to be a part of this group that I thought I HAD to identify with.
      When the time came for me to graduate high school, I looked around my peers. I didn’t feel proud, actually. Of course, a sliver of me felt as if I had accomplished something huge. Yet an overwhelmingly large part of me knew I could have done so much better. I took the easy way, the lazy way. I was so wrapped up in my outward appearance and gaining the attention of certain groups that I missed out on so many beautiful people (inside and outside). I saw all of these people on graduation. Faces I didn’t even knew existed.
      Looking back, I think I might have led them to see a negative side of me through social media. I think by the time I realized that I wanted to be friends with THOSE people, it was too late. They had grown into a strong, intelligent and respectful bunch of people. I learn from this experience today! Thank you for writing that and reminded me to keep displaying myself honestly. 🙂

    • I agree with you, that our digital profiles can affect our physical self and how we act differently if someone is around. This idea that we have to put on a show to really fit in on social media is sad but true. People will often post something on their Facebook or Twitter just for reactions. They would probably never actually say any of the stuff they post. Social media has become some people’s way of dealing with their own self-esteem issues and not so much what they actually mean to say. I think we need to be careful of what we post and be aware of the issues that may arise in effect.

    • Amazingly put! I couldn’t have said it any better. I know exactly how you feel. Although, I think that there are ways to make yourself seem like the laid back guy that you really are on tumblr. I’ve noticed that the famous bloggers on tumblr does the meanest things to get attention and to keep their followers entertained, which is ridiculous to me and even the fact that it actually works is just wow. But I think if someone out of everyone actually started showing the sweet heart side of their personality then people would be even more attracted. I am not saying that this will keep you from being a model but I feel as if you should be true to yourself. In my blog I said that when you act like someone you are not sooner or later that’s who you become! And I think even if we are to build a name for ourself in the internet, we should be able to do it in a way where people remember us for the good things we have done! I am really amazed how you spoke out about this because not every one would have the courage to! This is amazing 🙂