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    Today’s topic is about hatred. Now, I know you may be thinking oh boy a rant about homophobia and racism, well it is not a rant this is speaking out about what is happening and why it is important for me to talk […]

  • Let’s talk about the government shutdown and how it has been prolonged for over 30 days and there has yet to be some type of resolution. I feel that this government shutdown is truly ridiculous. I do not see the […]

  • Personally, I felt that the book could have been better in many aspects. The author could have used easier phrases for the readers to understand. Words like “breach” came about a lot of times it was hard to tell […]

  • Writer’s Memo

    Since the first draft I have spent a good amount of time into doing this speech. To give a good estimate about four to five hours a day, about two to three a day. I used the same topic from my p […]

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