• sturgillov wrote a new post, Turning Failure into Success, on the site Educating Musically 7 years ago

    This week was unexpectedly hectic for me in the “Theme Park Entertainment” business. I didn’t gauge how much extra time would be spent at work doing extra rehearsals but thank goodness, it’s the end of the […]

    • I understand how you feel! I personally am a perfectionist and my life has been incredibly hectic lately and I hate falling behind on things as well. I am my own worst critic though and less incorporating of your care-free understanding that mistakes will happen. I am able to do this for other people but struggle in the aspect to accept when I make mistakes and tend to be very hard on myself when this happens. How do you do this?! Teach me your ways!

    • I’m so happy you connect with my F5F post. I totally agree with you as well, many of us see the people we look up to as though they are perfect and untouched by flaws but if we saw what it took for them to get there it would make them more human and make getting to that level even more attainable for us, physically and mentally.

    • I can’t even begin to tell you how deeply I understand that “vicious cycle” that accompanies falling behind in our work, and that sort of shame-and-guilt infused procrastination that comes with it. When life gets in the way and I start falling behind (in really all aspects of my life, from school work, to keeping up with housework, to relationships and friendships, to work), I tend to feel so overwhelmed and defeated that I don’t even know where to begin to start catching up on all of my piling responsibilities.

      I almost feel too embarrassed and ashamed to even try once my procrastination or the extent of my falling behind has reached a certain point, like I have let not only myself down, but everyone who was counting on me as well (the latter disappointment being the harder one to stomach and move on from— for me at least). However, I am trying to 1) be more cognizant of my responsibilities and work on my time management, to 2) actually try harder next time (and not just say that I will), and to 3) not let my shame and guilt get in the way of my success.

      You seem like you’re a little better at balancing life and procrastination than I have been at the moment— kudos! But you’re so right, we do all make mistakes, and every single one of our role models/idols have had to overcome countless failures in order to finally achieve success. We have to get back up every single time we’re knocked down in order to succeed.