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    “He should’ve been home by now. . . his shift ended 45 mins ago. Where could he be? Maybe he stopped to pick up food. What is he doing?  Maybe he’s seeing someone else. Why isn’t he home? Is he in trouble? Oh […]

    • Olivia,

      I imagine a similar monologue when looking at this photograph and imagining myself from the point of view of the woman—her worry and concern is palpable, not only for her husband and provider (I’m assuming), but for her children as well. She appears worn by what has likely been years of constant anxiety and fear, where her only priority is survival and keeping her family together and whole. Powerful choice!

    • There’s quite a bit of implicit details in this piece of writing. I’d prefer that you spend more time thinking through than rushing to complete an assignment. To reflect means “to think, ponder, or meditate” — this picture is lovely and definitely worth more elaboration to further interpretation and understanding of the themes you suggested.

      From the image source, it seems a lot was going on with the family. You definitely selected a rich image that gave you a lot to ponder over!

    • You used one of my favorite pictures from the Great Depression. It’s interesting because the Dust Bowl was also happening. I think that it is interesting that she is the only one facing the camera while the kids hide the other way.

    • To me, this picture is sometime after the woman has found out that her husband will not be coming back home. I’m not sure if it’s the empty look in her eyes or the way her children cling to her This s a very moving piece that really gets your head turning as to how life must have been like during that time.