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    “Future Teacher Finds Her Groove”

    This week I have used Malchako’s Michalko’s comparison of thinking to grooves on the top of Jello. By pouring spoonfuls of water on top of a flat piece of Jello, it creates […]

    • The imagery you created by describing water being poured on top of jello is awesome, I can almos see it. I can see how you could compare the grooves being created to someone learning new ideas, kind of like gaining a new wrinkle on your brain.

    • Olivia, do I assume that you created this gif since you didn’t attribute this to anyone else? (It’s a great gif by the way!)

      I’m not so clear about the Headlines routine you mentioned. You were asked to use the Headlines routine to write this reflection. 🙂 Ummmm… we’ll talk tonight.
      July 23, 2015: Clarified. Used headlines for post title and for discussions with friends. Thank you!

      Yes, you have to break your habit of procrastination because you can do great and awesome work if you set aside time. Do the work.

    • You’re detailed descriptions really bring visual perspective to this thinking concept. I agree with you on the Headlines thinking routine. Giving a general headline to a topic allows you to expand on the topic in so many dynamic, interesting, and unforeseen ways, at least for me. Can you relate to in from that perspective as well?

    • I really like how you can connect to the headline routine. I think one thing that is good is that you really have to cut to the chase of what you are trying to say.