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    We live in a world of hypocrisy. We claim to love animals but we only seem to love cats and dogs. We claim to value life yet murder it then eat life in the same breath. We protest Sea world yet have no remorse […]

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    Palm oil derives from the Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil found in many of our food products.  Palm oil is now also found in many of our house held items like soap, laundry detergents, toothpaste and shelf […]

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    Being a vegan does not mean you have to give up any of your favorite places to eat or have a miserable diet consisting of salads and more salads. Veganism is a growing group and you can find vegan friendly items […]

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    I did not know about the underlying sexism in ballet and after reading your blog post i see why ballet is related to sexism. I would also like to add that the sexism in ballet is probably why so many boys are judged for having interest in it since sexism and homophobia always seems to go hand in hand.

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    There seems to be a huge misconception that the only thing vegans eat is salads and grass.  Obviously this is not true, vegans eat everything that meat eaters eat, without the cruelty. There is so many vegan […]

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    I feel like the younger generation has a tendency of being the least religious because of their tolerant outlook. The younger generation is really letting go of the conservative and traditional ideologies which i feel like is a good thing.

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    I love the picture that you up. It is really cute but still ties in with the obesity because a simple way to combat obesity would be giving your dog the best nutrients but also exercise.

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    This is really interesting i have never thought about rainbows and its symbolism.

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    I agree that girls feel very stereotyped in the gaming industry not even with what games they play but how they are represented inside the video games as well

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    The meat industry and factory farming are directly related. Factory farming is in existence because of the meat industry. The demand of the meat industry forces factory farms to use cruel tactics with the animals, […]

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    The meat industry has a reputation of being unsanitary and cruel. However most people turn their heads not only from the hygienic aspect of the meat industry but also the environmental impact of the meat industry. […]

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    If one was to search animal cruelty on Google, one would find thousands of articles on what animal cruelty is, how to prevent it, and how to help. I think the most interesting part of all these articles is the […]

    • I really like the picture you chose. I also like how you question people’s everyday actions (meat industry, makeup, etc).

    • Your mention of animal cruelty in the makeup industry would be a very interesting blog. I would love to hear more about how to help as well. I have also never thought about how only dogs and cats are mentioned, it is sad that so many other animals are disregarded.

    • I think the picture really speaks for itself and the blog. That people can’t just say they’re sorry about animal cruelty and not act or do anything about it. I never thought of how far the term “animal cruelty” could stretch, that it doesn’t just apply to household animals.

    • The title and artwork tie in very well.

    • I totally get your point. But a couple of the reasons why completely getting rid of the meat industry will never happen – infants and young children. Infants and young children cannot grow properly and be healthy living a vegan lifestyle, they need more protein than that. The other reason is everyone is different. Yes, many doctors say being vegetarian can be healthier, but that is a VERY broad statement and (like most everything health related) does not apply to everyone. There are many people who could not be vegan or vegetarian for health reasons.

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    Compassion is what we as a human race thrive to have but somehow always fall short. Although i can not suggest methods on how to completely stop world hunger and wars from happening, there is one thing that every […]

    • I love that this is your topic. I have went vegan for about 1-3 months and it is very beneficial to your health. I have always been a vegetarian and I like the health benefits that come with the lifestyle. Vegans are always stereotyped to only eat salads and I agree with you when the options are quite plentiful. I can’t wait to see where your blog takes you.

    • I really like the pictures that you included in your “vegans can eat anything” examples. People always think vegan food is bland and tasteless because of its lack of animal products, but these pictures look delicious. I like the way you’re going with this blog.

    • I can tell you are passionate about this topic! I think that that is good, as that helps for a well-thought out project. I’m sure an interesting insight to humans will come from this.

    • I like how you incorporated something that is important to you and I look forward to learning more!

    • The blog title and the topic of veganism was very interesting. I like how you chose the word “compassion” to describe eating cruelty- free foods. Also the pictures look amazing!

    • I really love the title of this blog post – compassion. When I first looked at it I had no clue what you would be talking about (which is a good thing I think because then I got to see the purpose of the blog unfold in a different light). I wouldn’t of associated the word compassion with veganism, I like the way you put the post together to connect the two.