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    I am very interested to see just how far the Portland Tail Blazers go in this years playoffs. After getting swept by the Pelicans last year and having Jrue Holiday basically all over Damian Lillard, he seems to be […]

  • Well, here it is. My final blog post for UNIV 112. I want to make this post all about what it means to write down your thoughts into a meaningful, well-constructed paper for not only an audience to read, but for […]

  • Easter Sunday for me has been the same for as long as I can remember. I wake up, get ready for church, eat breakfast, and then be astounded by the amount of candy I am being blessed from the “Easter Bunny”. Am I a […]

  • Today, my friends and I put forth our payments towards our house for our sophomore years in college. We met with our realtor around 2:30 today and he provided us with the information on how to manage over the […]

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    I truly admire what your teacher is doing to include these special needs kids in everyday learning and I can relate heavily to this topic. Growing up the so of an art teacher, I would always go to my mother’s work […]

  • I feel as if having a bucket list is very healthy for us. It allows us to want to go pursue something instead of being locked in on our cell phones and screens all day long. Even though the things we want to do […]

  • On Tuesday, April 15th, I am going to a cabin with my friends in Shenandoah and I am hoping that it is going to be a blast. I am planning to go to my classes on this day before we leave at 5:30 pm that evening. We […]

  • I feel as if UNIV 111 and 112 have taught me a variety of different things in my first two semesters at college. I have learned to be more expressive in my discussions with my classmates compared to high school […]

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    Role models truly have a positive impact on all of our lives. We all have a different one, or several, that can give us the motivation to do better with ourselves and make us want something more out of the basics […]

  • With today being Friday, April 12th, I am having a joint birthday party with my friends Chloe and Panchu. Chloe’s birthday is the 12th, Panchu’s birthday is the 13th, and mine is the following day on the 14th. We […]

  • My goal ever since I have left my house to go to college has been for me to gain as much experience in a plethora of areas to shape me into a better human. I feel as if growing up, I did many of the same things […]

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    All my life I have grown up around various sports such as basketball, soccer, football, and hockey. My dad and I are extremely invested in watching these sports live together and keeping up with the media […]

  • One of the best things that comes about from college is the transformation of us into better human beings. This transformation comes from several factors such as education, experience, and mistakes. Our education […]

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    I understand the situation that you are in. I am an Electrical Engineering Major and I hope to land a job dealing with hardware because that is what I feel most comfortable doing. However, I am required to take […]

  • Today I had my advising appointment with the Engineering faculty and it went very well. I found out that I have a large task ahead of me that includes taking 18 credits next semester compared to the measly 14 I am […]

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    I feel like it is amazing what communicating with someone who speaks an entirely different language and has grown up with a vastly different culture than most Americans can accomplish. The bond is immediately […]

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    I believe that anything you do for your mother she will appreciate. My mother does not like accepting gifts from myself or ones that my sister gets for her. Instead, she tells us that us simply being with her on […]

  • As we transition into Spring 2019 new changes come waiting for us all in the new season. These changes can be beneficial such as positive change in attitude or detrimental such as having more allergies to deal […]

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    I believe that being a great artists or designer takes an extreme amount of focus and dedication and willpower to strive to be the best that they can be. Throughout high school, my friend Evan would always come […]

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    I feel like the best way to carry out a meaningful conversation is to establish eye contact and have body language be prevalent between the two individuals. Having both of these in place allows for a true […]

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