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    It is not unknown that Richmond is a unique city in multiple respects,  and the inclusion of Carytown is one of the many contributing factors to this eclectic city. Carytown, a quick ten minute car ride away, […]

    • I totally agree that Carytown is a bit of a hike away, but it is so worth the distance! I’ve also been to Carytown a couple of times, I’ve biked every time thanks the the library that rents out bikes to students. My favorite place that I highly recommend going to is the Byrd Theatre which shows $2 dollar movies, like a picture show. The theatre is beautiful and the costs are really cheap and they show a good variety of movies. I have yet to try the ice cream from the homemade store, but I am excited to now that you’ve recommended it. I would definitely agree that Carytown is an amazing place to visit and everyone should get out there and see it!

    • Your description of Carytown makes it seem really compelling, I have not yet been and now would love to go. The way you describe it reminds me of a similar place in my hometown. It sounds like a great place to hang out with friends and spend your day. I plan on going there soon!

    • I have lived in Richmond ALL my life but I still haven’t had the chance to explore every bit of Carytown. Also since I commute, I don’t really get the time to go there after my classes end, but now I’m definitely thinking about it because I really want to try the Thai place! (I love Thai food!!!) Glad to hear you had fun exploring a new part of Richmond 🙂

    • As a Richmond native, OBVIOUSLY a huge Carytown fan. I will 100% support your suggestion to make a visit. Mom Siam’s is my favorite (and the best) Thai food in Richmond so I’m stoked you had it, and I know the ice cream HAD to be Bev’s (as it too, is the best). I always get super excited when Vcu students who are new to Richmond discover life beyond Monroe campus. I’ve had the pleasure of growing up and venturing the city before it became my college town, and I love when my fellow classmates get to experience different aspects of their new home in Richmond.

    • I really like Richmond because there is so much to discover. Richmond is full of diversity that you’ll always find something new. it amazes me how there are many different cultures within one small area.