• tiffanyt wrote a new post, Draft, Rinse, Repeat., on the site Tiffany's Blog 6 years, 10 months ago

    It’s not done yet, but any feedback on what’s done is welcome and encouraged.

    • I think your content is all great but try not to put too many words on prezi slides because people tend to get lazy and not read all of it. Also the print is kind small so maybe break it down into more slide with more visuals. Good draft 🙂

    • So far your topic seems well planned. Nice use of prezi since our last assignment with it; it looks very official with the background. As you keep moving forward with the project just watch the word count on each slide to make sure it’s not too much for readers to read. Awesome start!

    • It’s interesting that y’all used Prezi for this assignment. I didn’t even think about that. As others have stated, be sure to take out a lot of the words on the slides. I’m going to be honest, I only glanced through them because I was too lazy to read all of it and because it was hard to see. Looks like y’all are on the right track and it looks good!

    • Maybe make it shorter. I know that my teachers always say no one wants to read a ton of words on one slide right? I do like the background of it, it looks very nice. Add plenty of pictures and again try to make it a little shorter. Good job so far though!