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    Dewan, S., & Ramaprasad, J. (2014). SOCIAL MEDIA, TRADITIONAL MEDIA, AND MUSIC SALES. MIS Quarterly38(1), 101-121.
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      “the main point and focus of the article is that music and album sales are indeed being affected in a negative way through social media, even if the buzz on the music is being created by the internet. Sites like the former Napster, and new ones like spotify and last.fm are creating buzz and play for the music, but little revenue is being generated because these are free to listen to sites.” — Youtube.com is another site where people go for free music, even though the quality is not usually the best. Good job!

    • Wow! and all this time I was thinking social media was positively impacting music sales and revenue. However, i can definitely see, after reading your research, why this is. In one instance, I feel really bad that some artists are not receiving money but at the same time people such as me, who are fans, do not want to pay for music. I definitely use YouTube as my source of music, not really a big fan of Spotify or Pandora only because most of the independent artists I adore are not on there or very limited music on there. Anyways, interesting research! cannot wait to read the final paper!

    • I’ve been thinking about this a bunch lately since a Cracked article a little while ago about almost exactly that. (It’s not a scholarly article, but it’s interesting and relevant.) Here it is, if you’re curious: http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/5-beloved-websites-that-are-ruining-music-industry/

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      In some ways i can see spotify and other services being good for musicians because they expose bands that are maybe less popular to people. I for one had no idea about Avantasia until they came up on a Pandora feed i was listening too. But i think the free nature of things more negatively effects the low-medium popularity people then others. Like when Metallica got all pissy about napster, i think their revenues were hurt less then say someone like Blind Guardian who only had minor popularity in the states at the time.

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      Would the change in culture and technology affect music sales? Back in the day people bought records and cds and the like, but nowadays all our music is significantly more portable and digital. There might be a lot of different factors associated with this idea.

    • Like Sarah said, I would have thought that social media was helpful to the music industry by allowing people to share new music as well as allowing record companies to advertise music. I knew that piracy was an issue with the advent of the internet but I didn’t think that social media played a role in that.