• I agree with you completely. It is so sad to hear that men (not all but a vast majority) abuse their power. What is sad is that it isn’t only present with our political candidates but also in our government […]

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    I get headaches for you reading about how rude she is and how horrible she treats you and your space. That is such an ugly thing to do. I don’t know why anyone would every be so rude and petty to do small things […]

  • As many of you know oApril 22nd was Earth day! This is one of my favorite holidays because it gives an emphasis of appreciation to this planet and all that it has done for us. Of course every day we should […]

  • I am a very family oriented person. Family is my top priority and honestly what makes me the happiest. I am writing about family because tomorrow I get to go see my extended family who I haven’t seen since June. […]

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    I love keeping up with this blog it’s so intriguing. I know you say she has a right to the space as much as you do, but you both have to keep in mind you are sharing a space with another person and that it is […]

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    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry this has been your experience! Hopefully this semester you have made friends who want to move in together next semester that way you don’t have to deal with her. I commute so […]

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    This is a very bold topic for a blog, but I like that you are pushing this class in order to think about difficult things that maybe seen as taboo but should be talked about. It’s very hard to be sure with what is […]

  • Yesterday, April 10th, 2019, man made a major discovery. We found a black hole and were able to get real images of it and see what it looks like. This is exciting news because we have made a major discovery and […]

  • I couldn’t agree more! This weather has been so uplifting and making me want to be more active. It’s so nice to just have the window in my room open and have fresh air to breathe. I too commute and have thought […]

  • I understand your view from this, but think of it this way. You have a test coming up in your most challenging class. You have studied day in and day out and gone to tutoring, reviewed, and everything you could […]

  • As Summer is slowly creeping around the corner, that means farmer’s market time is approaching. Going to the Farmer’s market is something I have always done ever since I was a little kid, but it wasn’t until this […]

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    This is a very relatable blog! In high school I ran track and XC and was actually going to try out for VCU’s track team. I was fairly good at track, my mile time was 5.48. I was ready to be a part of a program […]

  • I know this isn’t at all what you were going for in your paper but I’d like to address it before someone else starts the debate, but I think what people eat is a personal choice and neither side of who eats what […]

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    (This blog post is for last week’s post, I missed the due date and am now posting for it)

    In one way or another, people have addictions. Some may be “healthier” than others, but in one way or another we have […]

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    It is important to remember failure is apart of success. You Are only as good as your mistakes, as long as you take those and learn from them and don’t repeat them. it is hard, especially this time a year, with […]

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    I honestly am not one who ever got sick in high school, and that is a small confined area. Here in college I commute so I don’t share a dorm for germs to spread easily and class rooms are enormous so there […]

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    Remember that time someone asked you to do something but you didn’t want to or didn’t have the time? Remember when you knew you had something to do but they asked you to do them that favor. You didn’t even really […]

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    I understand your concerns. I may still suggest a meal plan. Only being because if you go somewhere where you have to pay for utilities then you will have to pay for water, gas, heat, etc. When you aren’t cooking […]

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    Thank you so much for this blog. I really hope it gave insight to people who are feeling this way. I for one am someone who suffers from anxiety and I can’t help but overthink. I overthink the most ridiculous […]

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    I am so excited for summer this year! I have three trips to the beach planned out and I couldn’t be more excited! Two of the trips fall back to back. I will be staying at Carolla, Folly, and Emerald Isle. I love g […]

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