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    During a professional development course in my first year of PT school we completed an activity with a list of 21 values and determined the 3 values that were most important to ourselves. The values that ended up […]

    • Kurt, I agree with what you’re saying about your values. I believe that your values will serve you well as a PT.

    • Altruism was also ranked in my top 3 list of values. I also agree that PT is a very altruistic profession and is what led me to pursue it as a career. I would be interested to know how many of our classmates also ranked it in their top 3.

      I think that using our personal values to navigate life can often help us remember that things are often not about us individually, but that we have a greater goal and purpose in this cycle of life.

    • Kurt,
      You are honestly one of the best guys I know. You always seek to learn and grow professionally, and your faith guides you to serve others before yourself. Thank you for being such an honest and good-hearted person! The PT world is so lucky to have you!

    • Kurt – Your top values are quite appropriate, given your choice of PT as a profession. You have a clear understanding of what is important to you, which will help you navigate through any difficult situations where your values are challenged. Great post! -Valerie

    • Kurt,

      It was interesting to get to know you through this lens of what you value most! I am curious how you think faith may influence you as a practicing clinician? It seems like people tend to either have faith be a driver behind why they do their work or one’s faith is a personal matter that doesn’t impact their work much.

      I agree that honesty is foundational to all professional relationships. I think it is great that you acknowledged the importance of this value, even though the test didn’t show it on your top 3 list!

    • Kurt,
      I agree with you on that honesty and altruism are very important values to have as a physical therapist. Altruism was one of my top values too. It makes sense why altruism is such a common value among physical therapists since we care so much about helping people get better and live pain free lives.

    • Kurt – As your colleagues have pointed out, your post does a good job describing your values and their influence on you. Your approach of keeping an open mind will also serve you well. It truly is essential when working with patients whose views may vary from our own.

      Good work –