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    Even though at times I really didn’t like this class, it grew on me a lot. I became a much better student through this class because I became stronger in my writing and I learned how to cope with a good sized […]

  • Incase you were preoccupied with seeing Avengers Endgame last night, you may have noticed that the NFL draft took place last night as well in Nashville Tennessee.  As I mentioned previously when I speculated […]

  • Movies are definitely super important for people to watch and enjoy because of the meanings and the purposes that all movies present. I also am a huge comedy fan and one of my favorite actors is Will Ferrell […]

  • Yesterday at 8PM, the NFL released the schedule for all 32 teams for this regular season.  Although it’s not a huge event or any sort of breaking news, its fun to see which teams play other teams and its fun to […]

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    I can’t wait for summer this year! This fall and spring semester have felt like they dragged on forever. Although I do live in Richmond and know little to nothing about Nova, I feel like there is always something […]

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    When I was scrolling through the blogs, this one clearly caught my eye because of your topic. While interesting to look into, I think you summed it up very clearly in the end: rape isn’t consensual and that’s […]

  • So I decided to change it up this week and talk about basketball instead of football.  The NBA regular season just ended yesterday and the playoffs begin this Saturday.  Now, I’m not a super hardcore NBA f […]

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    These upsets absolutely ruined all of my brackets. This year I only made three brackets, with a different team winning it all in each one. I had UNC, Duke, and Gonzaga winning in those three, two of which were […]

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    Although I rarely do it on my own, researching can be pretty fun especially if it is about a topic that you find interesting. Some research I like to do on my own is whenever I’m watching a documentary on Netflix […]

  • The Alliance of American Football (AAF) has abruptly ended its campaign as the next upcoming football league.  After only eight weeks of play, the league seized operations this past week, essentially ending the […]

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    Us was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while and it was also quite confusing. After I saw it this past weekend, I went online to get some perspective on what different parts of the movie meant, and what […]

  • This past week was the annual league wide NFL Owner’s meeting, where all team owners and some coaches meet to discuss potential changes to the game or rule changes for the upcoming season.  Specifically, there […]

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    Getting adjusted to a college workload definitely took some time for me here at VCU. Last semester I felt like I was still getting a feel for everything whereas this semester I feel like I am able to get my work […]

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    Every year in late March-early April the NCAA holds the Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments for the national championship.  Now personally, I really don’t watch or keep up with college basketball like I do […]

  • I completely relate to this. Last semester I had an F in biology because I bombed the first two tests. Luckily, my professor dropped the lowest test grade since we had four test and a final. I ended up grinding […]

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    The Odell was crazy and perhaps one of the biggest trades I’ve witnessed in football. I don’t necessarily think that it was about the money in particular, I really do think that the Giants wanted him around for […]

  • This years’ NFL free agency could be easily summed up in one word: unpredictable.  We’ve seen many surprising moves and many of the NFL’s biggest names switching teams.  The free agency period, mainly known as t […]

  • Shortly after the Super Bowl and right before the start of the new NFL league year, the NFL combine takes place.  The NFL combine is where a majority of this years’ draft prospects hit the field for tests of […]

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    I feel like in today’s world ethics and morals almost seem to go hand in hand. I only say this because if you ask anyone about an ethical dilemma, more often than not you’ll get different answers from different […]

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    I also wasn’t a huge fan of having spring break so early compared to other colleges and compared to when I used to have spring break in high school, which would typically be one week in April (you know when it is […]

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