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    I love Lychees! The work that goes into eating them is totally worth it because the flavor is so rewarding. But now that I’m at college I find it difficult to buy them because there is less availability and access to them here. I’ll take you up on your suggestion, I’m going to investigate my options of possibly ordering lychees on the internet.…[Read more]

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    Wow, I hadn’t even been aware that there was such a thing a hypoallergenic food. Pretty cool, I will definitely be recommending pears to my cousin who has a lot of food sensitivity. The information that you included about selecting pears–how to recognize the characteristics of a ripe asian pear–were very interesting and helpful, I always…[Read more]

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    I loved your blog! It was well researched and very informative. I especially liked how you demonstrated the versatility of figs. Your blog not only outlined the many possible benefits of consuming figs, but it also made them more approachable. In the past I’ve been hesitant with figs because I find their sweet flavor intense, but now that I know…[Read more]

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    Why Eat Cherries?
    Low in calories,  High in vitamin A and C, contain ncholesterol and almost No fat.

    The riper the better: as cherries darken, they produce more antioxidants.

    Cherries a natural source […]

    • I looovvee cherries! I also liked all the information you put in your blog. I had no idea there was a difference in nutrients between tart cherries and sweet cherries. I would definitely eat cherries especially since they can increase sleep duration!

    • Your blog post was very informative! My grandmother had a cherry tree in her back yard and I always wondered why they were a different color than the ones in the store. Now I know they were tart cherries and have more antioxidants! Thanks 🙂

    • i love cherries but had no idea that they help regulate our sleep-wake cycle. I don’t like cherry flavored things but real cherries are one of my favorite. why did you decide to do your blog post on cherries? do you think you’ll increase your cherry consumption after creating this blog post?

    • I enjoyed reading your informative blog post on cherries! I haven’t eaten cherries since I was a kid, but I want to start adding cherries back into my diet again. What caught my eye was the fact that cherries are a natural source of melatonin. It’s hard for me to get a good, full night’s worth of sleep; so I’m hoping that eating more cherries will help me get better rest.

    • I think that cherries are absolutely delicious! Your blog contains a lot of great information and I loved the recipe you included. I enjoy eating salmon and will definitely be trying the cherry and arugula salad 🙂

    • I am so grateful for your post! I have always wondered about the difference between cherries and I am happy to finally have an answer!! Everything about your post made me excited for my next trip to the grocery store in hopes of cherries – seeing how good they are for you gives me even more reason!

    • I’m not a fan of cherries but you definitely got me considering I should give them a try. I’ve never been aware of the growing processes they go through it’s interesting great research.

    • I liked the way you used color to show the important facts in the blog.It definitely took my eye to those ideas first, just to see what they were saying.I am not a fan of either type of cherries, since one is too sweet and the other is too tart.Though on occasion, I will eat them.This blog does make me want to eat them more often but maybe in meals as a sauce or an added flavor.

    • This is great blog! You really had a great lay out! Wonderful! do you like cheeries when they are more ripe or less ripe?!

    • replied 6 years ago

      I love cherries so much and try to get my hands on them as much as I can. I love sweet cherries over tart cherries but I’m happy with either because cherries are my favorite. I want to try that recipe you have. By the way you have a great post!

    • Never knew cherries reduced insomnia.

    • I never knew that cherries was this good for you. If I knew that eating cherries might help me sleep better, I would eat some every night before bed. If you eat cherries a lot, do you think it could prevent you from ever having high blood pressure?

    • Wow! Your blog is so detailed & thorough– looks fantastic! Love the colors and bolding that you used. I had no idea the the different colors of cherries could bring you different levels of antioxidants. Very interesting!

    • I found it really interesting that cherries are a natural source of melatonin and I especially liked how you went into depth on the growing process. Reading this made me want to eat cherries a little bit more than usual mainly because of the melatonin fact.

    • I don’t like cherries at all but I really never heard that they can help you with your sleep habits. I also didn’t know that the tree took up to 5 years to harvest lots of cherries.

  • williamstw2 posted a new activity comment 6 years ago

    Cool post, very informative! Especially the recipe section, now that I know you can microwave them I might try to cook them more often.
    Also, I really liked your slogan, “All the Leafy Green Benefits without the Color,” but it left me curious. Do you know why cauliflower lack color ?