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    There is a lot of overlap between trails and linear parks, but they are not synonymous. Trails that are not designed for recreation wouldn’t necessarily be considered linear parks, and linear parks that do not […]

  • Preliminary Planning:

     Meet with the city to establish goals and expectations.
    Meet with stake holder groups (representatives from the school, hospital, residents, and developers) to gather initial […]

  • Parks and Recreation are integral to community health for a number of reasons. Some of these include environmental benefits, physical activity, and mental health.

    Environmental conditions in urban locations can […]

  • Exciting news!

    There’s a new pocket park coming to Randolph. Fans of the Scott’s Addition Polinator Park know how pocket parks can transform underutilized space. This one is sure to beautify the neighborhood […]

  • There are three types of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. Park Planning is relevant to all three of these efforts, but the role it plays in the environmental sustainability of a community is […]

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    Objective: Exploring how adults play and engage with spaces of play


    Introductions & Ice Breaker Activity
    Activity 1: Individual drawings – draw yourself playing (10 minutes)
    Debrief […]

  • For Immediate Release:

    The Department of Recreation and Parks is initiating the process of developing a new Recreation and Parks Comprehensive Master Plan. A Comprehensive Master Plan is a document that […]

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    Parks are integral to the equity of the urban landscape. The effects of environmental racism are well documented; Black Americans are more likely to live in neighborhoods that host environmental hazards, whereas […]

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    This patio outside of Schaefer contributes to university placemaking by providing a “third place”. This spot is great for rainy days especially, because the overhang allows you to be outside and stay dry.

  • A park is any dedicated green space that is available to use by the community. It doesn’t need to be 100% green, but the presence of green space is what distinguishes it from a plaza. An example of this […]

  • Rockville Civic Center Park is located on the same property as Rockville’s Glenview Mansion, adjacent to the F. Scott Fitzgerald theater. The theater is where I grew up attending summer camp, and later worked. We […]

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    Hi there!

    My name is Hannah, and I’m a 1st-year MURP student. I’m passionate about public space, and I’m excited to learn more about how parks can help us facilitate strong, equitable communities.