The Hidden truth

Sometimes I wonder if the government all around the world really wants what is best for the people or just what is best for them. With this crisis going on right now Covid-19, I have been thinking deeply according to the news that I heard on Tv and some research that I have done and I have discovered a lot of things with all the time I have on hand with this quarantine . First of all, for the past three elections there seems to be a major crisis that happens in the United states of America. The flu, then Ebola, and now Covid-19, this all makes me think if they are all connected in some way and does the government have something to do with this? The government likes to keep a lot of secrets from the people thinking that it is what is best for the people but that is not always what is best. I feel like the governments all over the world sat down and planned to plant this virus in order to decrease the world population. The world is dying as we know and with the population increase is not helping the cause, so they decide to start off with China because they have the most population, but that is just my opinion. Also, some people are saying that the world is ending and this is God punishing the world. At the end of the day, people are dying and the world is ending so all we can do is to take care of ourselves. With this crisis, My college campus at VCU has been shut down and has forced me to start online classes at home. This has decreased the importance and urgency for me to complete my work because I am in a non educational environment. When I am at school I have this motivation and feeling to get up and complete my work, but when I am home I feel motivated to procrastinate and just go to sleep. I paid tuition for an in person class not to be online having class with less resources available to them. However, with this virus going around it is the only way for students like myself to be safe and still continue their education. We have to learn to adapt to changes because stuff happens all the time and we must be mentally prepared to take on what comes our way. If we all develop the mindset of staying on top of things which I am getting better at then we can all finish the semester with all A’s.

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Hi! I agree that while I enjoy being at home, it is more difficult to concentrate. I think that this is because we are so used to being at home and we might be a little too comfortable at home to get our work done. While I also felt comfortable in my dorm, I know what you mean by you had the motivation to get up and do your work! I agree with you that we must develop and stay in the mindset of staying on top of things, or we may fall behind. Good luck for the rest of the semester! 🙂

I understand your theories with the government. It always just seems like we can’t trust them. Also, I’ve watched shows that came out at the end of 2019 mentioning a virus going around their world and them having to be quarantined. Now, it’s happening for real. This whole thing is giving me Simpsons vibes like whatever these shows are predicting, are coming true. It just seems less of an accident and more planned. As if these shows were warning us of the future because they knew what was going to happen. And I definitely have the same problem of not being as motivated to do school work because I’m home.

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