SOCY502- Society is ‘Sui Generis’

  Emile Durkheim was a French sociologist who studied how social forces and social structures shaped human behavior. He believed that social structures emerged through self-coordinated actions of the individuals (Witte & Mannon, 2010). Durkheim considered society to be ‘sui generis’. The literal meaning of Sui generis is unique and unlike anything else (Merriam-Webster). So,… Read More SOCY502- Society is ‘Sui Generis’

The Digital Technology and Healthcare Industry

  Chosen Article: The digitally engaged patient: Self-monitoring and self-care in the digital health era by Deborah Lupton Digital technologies have made it to each and every aspect of our daily lives, so it’s not surprising that healthcare industries are opting for self-monitoring and self- care which are dependent on digital technologies. There is an… Read More The Digital Technology and Healthcare Industry