Fake News Generator

(Disclaimer for outsiders: This is a fake news.) This news comes in the light of NC successfully passing the house bill in April 2017 that deems the same-sex marriage illegal. Now, NC seeks to make all the LGBTQ residents leave the state, making it “GayFree”.

Fake News

Source: Snopes.com Truth to be told, I was waiting for this week’s readings. We have seen the discussion about “Fake News” gaining momentum during 2016 US presidential election. Fake news is literally everywhere. In this digital age, where it’s not very difficult to publish news articles or create websites, fake news has become a widespread… Read More Fake News

Unresolved Distinctions

This week’s readings in “Public Sociology” textbook were very interesting as they provide a different perspective to “what is public sociology?” than Michael Burawoy. In the presidential address of American Sociological Association (ASA) of 2004, Michael Buroway urged sociologists to be involved in revitalization sociology into public sociology by emphasizing its value and appeal beyond… Read More Unresolved Distinctions

Public Sociology and Contemporary Social Problems

In last few weeks while reading about public sociology, I realized that the role of public sociologist in public, political, and social sphere is a much-needed one. In his article “What if Sociologists Had as Much Influence as Economists?” Irwin (2017) notes that “sociologists spend their careers in understanding how the society works”. In fact,… Read More Public Sociology and Contemporary Social Problems

Public Sociology: Engaging with Public

The assigned readings in last few weeks have helped me to understand public sociology from different perspectives. Public sociology is an indispensable field of sociology discipline which emphasizes extending the disciplinary boundaries and reaching beyond the academic institutions to engage with non-academic audiences. Traditionally, sociology as a discipline is often has a limited focus on… Read More Public Sociology: Engaging with Public