Blog SOCY601, Secondary Data Analysis and Big Data

  Secondary data analysis involves the analysis of existing data, which was collected by other agency or researcher previously for a study. There are various benefits associated with using secondary data for the analysis. Since, other researcher and agency has already collected the data for the previous study, the researcher doesn’t need to put more… Read More Blog SOCY601, Secondary Data Analysis and Big Data

SOCY601, Evaluation and Policy Research

Evaluation research is a social research methodology conducted for evaluative purposes by using social research methods. Policy research is a process which focuses on practical social factors and provides recommendations based on the research results with empirical evidence. The primary purpose of evaluation research is to investigate social programs and provide comprehensive evidence for the… Read More SOCY601, Evaluation and Policy Research

Blog SOCY601- Quantitative Data Analysis

A causal relation between two variables exists if the occurrence of the first variable (Independent variable) causes the other (Dependent variable). The first variable is the cause and the second is the effect. A correlation between two variables does not necessarily indicate causality. In causality, one variable is partly responsible for causing another variable. On… Read More Blog SOCY601- Quantitative Data Analysis

CITI Training – Reflections Blog_SOCY601

This week’s CITI training was edifying and introduced me to unknown perspective for importance of ethical principles in research proposals and process. As I do not possess any prior experience in social research outside of the classroom, this training and this week’s chapter was absolutely illuminating. In my opinion, the CITI training is extension to… Read More CITI Training – Reflections Blog_SOCY601