Bonjour, my name is Benjamin “Beni” Meyers.  I am a hybrid, born in the United States but raised by a Belgian mother with a Belgian influence.  I am an employee of VCU, my role is to recruit engineering students for VCU and the future of our country.  I am very fortunate to have an awesome wife and daughter of four and a half years.  I am a RAM and fully believe in all VCU stands for and the life changing experiences it can provide.  When I am not working or spending time with family you can find me “doing”, I am a personal trainer and love anything active….then if there is any time left over I can be found reading and or watching anything science based.  Before joining VCU I was a teacher, more specifically science- Environmental, Earth, and Oceanography.  I have four core beliefs: Stay fit and in good health, work hard, always learn new things, and do for others.

I do not have much formal research experience, with the exception of a couple of research projects completed during my undergraduate years and teaching the basics of research as a science teacher.  I am excited about learning and “doing” research as a graduate student, most especially focusing on determining the validity of research findings, implementing research methods, and learning how research data can be used in practical applications.

My concerns for this course are primarily making sure I stay ahead of the learning curve.  This course along with SOCY 691 are my first two experiences with graduate classes.  I am excited about all of the learning that this course will provide, both in content and skills necessary to continue with my graduate degree.  In terms of content my primary interest for this course is how sociological research methods are used and applied.  I am a  visual and kinesthetic learner so any time there are tangible, application based outcomes to learning I understand best.



This is The Thinker whose creator Auguste Rodin would call him Le Penseur.  The appropriateness of this image for me in regards to SOCY 601 is that this will be a very thoughtful course where learning about research will challenge me to understand my world better and apply my knowledge to make some other process(es) better.




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