Blog 6:  Secondary Data Analysis Secondary data analysis has several advantages for researchers.  One advantage of secondary data research is that if provides access to social processes that may in some instances be inaccessible to researchers.  One example of this advantage would be for researchers that want to study events that have already happened and… Read More

  Blog XII:  Food Challenge Do you have a chapter of Real Food Challenge on your campus?  If so, or if not, what sorts of interventions would be most helpful for improving your campus’ food environment? (Thayer, DeMarco, Calancie, Kay, and Ammerman, 2015).     Background The Real Food Challenge (RFC) is a national student… Read More

Evaluation and Policy Research The primary purpose of research involving programs and policies is to provide a systematic approach to their evaluation.  When engaged in evaluation of programs and policies researchers should consider several key components- the need of the program, the potential to evaluate the program, the operational components of the program, potential impacts… Read More

  Should cities consider zoning restrictions to limit fast food locations near schools?  Why or why not? (Truant, Neff, 2015). Introduction There is significant consideration being given to implementing zoning restrictions to reduce the availability of fast food locations near schools.  Central to this movement is the concern about the food environment of students.  According… Read More