My first semester as a graduate student in VCU’s MS in Sociology program included SOCY 601, Sociological Research Methods and SOCY 691, The Sociology of Nutrition.  SOCY 601 provided unique challenges for me since I had limited research experience from my undergraduate studies.  I found the course valuable in providing a comprehensive overview of the… Read More

Summary of Research Proposal Research Topic I am conducted a research project on the levels of health food affordability and corresponding levels of food insecurity.  My research project has an exploratory focus, with an inductive approach, and my ultimate goal is to properly implement my mixed methods approach to go full circle in research design… Read More

  The chapter authors write that it is possible that over the middle and longer term, food system environmental threats might contribute to making the healthy and sustainable choice the affordable choice.  Do you agree or disagree? (Neff, Palmer, McKenzie, Lawrence, 2015). What is Sustainability? Research suggests that the healthy and sustainable model for food… Read More