My first semester as a graduate student in VCU’s MS in Sociology program included SOCY 601, Sociological Research Methods and SOCY 691, The Sociology of Nutrition.  SOCY 601 provided unique challenges for me since I had limited research experience from my undergraduate studies.  I found the course valuable in providing a comprehensive overview of the research processes.  In addition the course provides a “blueprint” for actual implementation of a research proposal- research is implemented in SOCY 602.  Enrolled as an applied option, online student, in addition to my focus on content I spent the semester familiarizing myself with the online learning environment and understanding how I can make practical connections from what I learned.  I will spend my interim time before starting the fall 2016 semester modifying my research proposal to best prepare for the implementation of my research proposal.  My research findings from my studies in SOCY 691 will be a valuable compliment to future research and implementation.  A have a greater understanding of the sociological impacts of our food system in the U.S. which directly relates to my research focus.  Reflecting on the spring 2016 semester, I took as many opportunities as possible to become a more effective researcher, supporter of classmates, and more informed student.  I look forward to utilizing my enhanced knowledge and skills from the spring 2016 semester to become an effective researcher and engage in meaningful collaboration with classmates.

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