Research or Represent Can an academic, searching for their place in a professional community, with all of their concerns and responsibilities also represent themselves as influential activist?  How can one engage in professional research, produce journals and texts, maintain their academic reputation and appearance, as well take part in activism ranging from protests… Read More

Introduction Blogging is an internet reliant communication tool with a varied audience of users, ranging from recreational bloggers to scientists and working professionals.  As an internet form of communication, bloggers can reach a diversity of users with much less effort, limited only by the size and scope of their network(s).  Blogs by their nature are… Read More

Burawoy’s Public Sociology Michael Burawoy can be considered the official founder, or “father” of the defined field of public sociology.  Central to Burawoy’s support and argument for implementation of public sociology is a transition of sociology, as stated by Zussman and Misra (2007), “Burawoy issued an impassioned call for a revitalization of sociology in a… Read More