6 comments on “Personal Introduction- Benjamin C. Meyers

  • Hi Benjamin! Nice to meet you! What a beautiful family! My mom is a twin too! It’s really cool you have a fitness business. My boyfriend is currently studying to become a certified fitness trainer 🙂

    • Very cool, the field of Health and Wellness-personal training is very rewarding. Thanks, my wife and I are very fortunate to have healthy children, and they are all very loving. I am looking forward to working with you in this course, it seems like a cool subject area. Thanks for your comments, take care.


  • Hi, Benjamin! Your research interests in health and wellness, specifically about what’s taking place in fitness centers, male versus female habits, and inequities are very unique and aligns well with you owning a fitness business (which is really cool!)

    • Thank for your response to my introduction. Yes, I did not realize how unique my research interest was until I got started, and with as much as health and wellness is both prevalent in society- much of which is found on social media, I did not think that there would be such limited access to previous research. It has been very cool learning how the study of Sociology intersects with topics in health and wellness and I am looking forward to applying that to digital data. I hope the semester goes well for you and reach out if you need to collaborate anytime. Take care.

  • Welcome, Beni! I am excited to have you in the course! It is great to know your research interests and what drives you. You sound like your life is wonderfully full. I am looking forward to getting your perspectives as we journey through the course.

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