–ncm7RSaUPpUr7RUpikDBE5yB   Summary of Research Article I: Longitudinal Life Narratives In this study researchers are seeking to better understand the phenomena of sustained social media use for applications to longitudinal research.  While seeking evidence of sustained social media use, researchers are ultimately searching for a better understanding of how digital spaces have become an integral… Read More   Research Article I: #RefugeesWelcome Summary This research examines the utilization of digital movements of opinion (DMOs), specifically their role in digital participation.  The research also includes the application of DMOs to a better understanding of digital citizenship participation.  The overarching goal of the research is to provide an outline for DMOs in order… Read More   Research 1: Speaking ‘unspeakable things’: documenting digital feminist responses to rape culture Summary– Research conducted in order to examine how occurrences of sexual harassment are being spoken about in digital spaces-the digital spaces examined are both a website as well as Twitter.  Using an ethnographic, multi-methods approach, the researchers seek to better understand… Read More