Blog IV: Those especially affected by food insecurity-Ch. 5 “American Indians and Latino immigrants have especially high rates of food insecurity and are among the communities most difficult to reach.  Knowing the complexity of food insecurity, what structural factors do you think affect these communities, which may increase their food insecurity rates?  How might they… Read More

The chapter authors write that it is possible that over the middle and longer term, food system environmental threats might contribute to making the healthy and sustainable choice the affordable choice.  This statement is presented as a discussion question for Chapter 3, and my response is to either agree with or disagree with the statement. … Read More

In what ways does industrialized farming affect ecological integrity?”  In order to address this question it is first important to understand the definitions of both industrialized farming and ecological integrity.  Industrialized farming can be defined as “industrial agriculture, or agribusiness, applies the techniques of the Industrial Revolution—mechanization and standardization—to the production of food” (Friedland, 2012,… Read More

Hello, my name is Benjamin “Beni” Meyers.  This course along with SOCY 601 are my first two graduate level courses.  I am excited about the opportunity to share and gain knowledge with you all.  How does my biography intersect with history?-I found this question to be quite intriguing and one that I have not given… Read More