Habitus Blog:  Week 10 Habitus, formulated by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu describes how individuals view and experience their world, both intrinsically and externally through their environment and upbringing- “Yet Bourdieu goes to great lengths to demonstrate that individuals do not create their dispositions—rather, they acquire them” ((Appelrouth, Edles, 2016, pp. 420).  Essentially, habitus says that individuals… Read More

Durkheim and Functionalism Emile Durkheim, the Father of Sociology and the founder of Functionalism, was a firm believer in how society shapes individuals by creating a system of norms and values.  Durkheim would describe the guided norms and values as social facts, or aspects of society created through societal evolution.  These social facts are “sui… Read More

The video regarding Rational Choice Theory and Exchange Theory was an effective way of communicating the basics of each.  When annotating I found it easy to structure my notes based upon the visual presentation and concise content delivery.  I borrowed the lead of the video in creating two categories, one Rational Choice Theory, the other… Read More