Summary of Research Proposal Research Topic I am conducted a research project on the levels of health food affordability and corresponding levels of food insecurity.  My research project has an exploratory focus, with an inductive approach, and my ultimate goal is to properly implement my mixed methods approach to go full circle in research design… Read More

Blog 6:  Secondary Data Analysis Secondary data analysis has several advantages for researchers.  One advantage of secondary data research is that if provides access to social processes that may in some instances be inaccessible to researchers.  One example of this advantage would be for researchers that want to study events that have already happened and… Read More

Evaluation and Policy Research The primary purpose of research involving programs and policies is to provide a systematic approach to their evaluation.  When engaged in evaluation of programs and policies researchers should consider several key components- the need of the program, the potential to evaluate the program, the operational components of the program, potential impacts… Read More

Blog IV: Quantitative Data Analysis Causality in social science deals with the relationship that may or may not exist between the manipulated independent variable and the corresponding and responding dependent variable.  It is a key focus and main point of social research and other scientific research, that a cause be established between two variables to… Read More

There are significant differences between probability sampling and nonprobability sampling.  Most notably probability sampling techniques are implemented to ensure random selection of each person (element) within a sample.  A sampling frame is used to create a “framework” of elements from which a random sample will be selected.  The sample will then be generalized against the… Read More

The CITI training was a valuable instructional tool that provided training related research, being divided into 13 individual training modules ranging from the Belmont Report and course introduction to HIPPA Privacy Protections.  When reflecting on the training provided in the CITI program and what we have read at this point in the text there was… Read More

Bonjour, my name is Benjamin “Beni” Meyers.  I am a hybrid, born in the United States but raised by a Belgian mother with a Belgian influence.  I am an employee of VCU, my role is to recruit engineering students for VCU and the future of our country.  I am very fortunate to have an awesome… Read More