Benjamin Cabot Meyers

6100 Olde Hartley Place, Richmond,  VA 23060 | cell phone 804 852 2748 |

Skills Summary

Customer service professional with a passion for delivering the highest quality products and services, utilizing both traditional and innovative techniques for delivery.  Excellent mixed methods communicator and collaborator who thrives in diverse settings,  while also equally effective at working individually as a self-starter.  Committed to continuous professional and personal development for application to organizational success and ability to reflect a positive work-life balance.


Virginia Commonwealth University,  2015-present, M.S. in Sociology- Graduate spring 2020

Current GPA 3.8

Relevant coursework- Practicum- fall 2019, spring 2020, Professional Ethics, Public Sociology, Digital Sociology, Digital Social Problems, Research Methods

Research Focus- Analyzing dynamics of access to various fitness spaces based upon one’s sex/gender.

Virginia Commonwealth University,  2003-2005, B.S. in Parks, Recreation, and Sports Management

GPA 4.0 Magna Cum Laude

Relevant coursework- Leisure Delivery Systems, Recreation Analysis, Recreation Program Development


Virginia Commonwealth University                                                                                     2014-present

Position: Senior Enrollment Counselor (College of Engineering)

-Implements and develops traditional and innovative recruitment strategies to increase the volume of highly qualified student enrollees into VCU’s College of Engineering (all majors, various degree levels).

-Utilizes face to face and digital communications between students, faculty, and related campus partners, to assist students with curriculum navigation and other student services related events in support of student advising and career services offices.

-Research, design, develop, and implement events applied to student recruitment and professional development among VCU’s internal and external stakeholders. (When applied to students- for both in and out of state).

-Continued maintenance and improvement upon recruitment office practices and procedures, to provide the highest quality of products and services to internal and external stakeholders.

-Provide direct and indirect support of all faculty and staff within the College of Engineering and VCU communities  to produce and deliver the highest quality products and services to internal and external stakeholders


Henrico County Public Schools                                                                                          2008-2014

Position: Teacher- Endorsements: Earth and Space Systems, K-12 Health and PE (Henrico High School)

-Implement and develop traditional and innovative teaching practices and instructional methods to high schoolers grades 9-12 for student achievement and SOL performance standards

-Implement, facilitate, and proctor an HCPS online learning program for selected students (E2020)

-Maintain and improve upon safety and security practices and procedures set forth by the HCPS system

-Implement and develop traditional and innovative tutoring practices to applicable students in order to improve upon student achievement and SOL performance standards


Awards and Acknowledgements

-VCU Staff Senator

-VCU University Council Member (Subcommittee member- Academic Affairs)

-VCU Professional Development Certificate Program- Level II

-VCU College of Engineering- Community Engagement award recipient

-VCU Green Zone (support to military services)  and Safe Zone certified (support to diversity/minority students/groups)

-American Family Fitness, Staff Member of the Year

-Henrico County Public Schools, Staff Member of the Month