Week 4 Reflection

This week was very unexpected. Monday we led the class ourselves which was pretty interesting. We went over different leadership styles, and what we find good qualities in leaders. We debated whether reward systems work for employees or if intrinsic motivation more effective in motivating and getting people to follow you. Some qualities we decided are good for leaders to have are to be sympathetic, knowledgeable, and motivating.  Being sympathetic builds trust with your employees. This is important to build because it makes your employees feel more engaged, and in turn will make them more productive.  Also a good leader will be knowledgeable in the business or the groups goal. The leader needs to be able to answer questions and guide employees in the right direction. They can not do that if they do not know about the companies products goals or culture.  A good leader will also be able to motivate their employees.  This is important because sometimes in work if an employee can’t reach a goal they may get discouraged or start not to care and only worry about the paycheck.  A good leader will be charismatic, and be able to motivate their employees past these points; make them care again.  We discussed employee of the month being a possible reward for good employees, however this brings the problem of the “in-group” and the “out-group”. The “in-group” would be likely to be picked by the boss over and over again. Even monetary motivation could be an option. However, in my experience at O’Charleys  even with monetary motivation it still didn’t work. People didn’t have the intrinsic motivation. It’s important to have the intrinsic motivation within your employees because employees are more likely to get up from minor set backs when they have pride in their work, and fulfillment from reaching their goals and wanting to do their best.

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