Are you listening?

give a listen to this interview, and video below. consider the sound elements in your surrounding that contribute the level of noise in your environment. contemplate what part you play in sound pollution. Are you listening? Hear what uninterrupted silence sounds like Post thoughts and comments here.

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Roden example

I did not find the Roden example to be music at all. I could see how someone could listen to it to calm them down or to meditate, but it’s definitely not what I consider music. I also didn’t find many sounds in this piece to be “musical”. One sound I do think could be […]… Read More Roden example

Thoughts on Listening

While I was listening to Part One Steve Roden’s Soundwalk, I was immediately introduced to a consistent ringing that, at first, overtook the majority of sounds. As this ringing grew louder, it became unpleasant to me. I had tried to navigate the piece for more pleasant sounds. Around the 00:24 mark, I can hear the […]… Read More Thoughts on Listening

Sampling Roden’s Soundwalk

00:22 -The overall repeating high pitched sounds that play throughout the entire piece I’d sample this for the dramatic/eerie feeling. I’d probably re purpose it in a way to work with & support another prevalent sound. What really draws me to this is how stretched out it makes me feel, it’s meter really strings you […]… Read More Sampling Roden’s Soundwalk

Thoughts on Listening

While listening to Steve Roden’s Soundwalk, there were many different noises that caught my attention and provided me with feelings and sensations of being in physical places or seeing the source of the noise with my imagination. The first noise that I could use if I was to sample parts for my own piece of […]… Read More Thoughts on Listening

Thoughts on listening

The glimmering drone sound at 3:50 is really attractive. Sounds like these remind me of beacons being shot in the sky, or some magical ritual occurring. High-pitched feedback squeals follow the glimmering drones. Things start to get interesting around 5:56 – 6: 12… I can hear pulsing horns and the remnants of the squeals from […]… Read More Thoughts on listening

Thoughts on Listening

The first sound I found was at 7:40. It sounded like a güiro, the instrument where you drag a stick over its raised edges. This struck me as musical because I had heard a similar sound before. In The Rolling Stones’ song “Gimme Shelter” a güiro is used during the introduction. This noise has a […]… Read More Thoughts on Listening