Creating a post on Rampages

For all assignments asking you to post a blog response, here a walkthrough of how to go about things: ALL RESPONSES ARE TO BE PLACED ON YOUR PERSONAL RAMPAGE WHICH YOU CREATED FOR CLASS, NOT THE CLASS SITE.   Submit any questions you may have about the process here:

Are you listening?

give a listen to this interview, and video below. consider the sound elements in your surrounding that contribute the level of noise in your environment. contemplate what part you play in sound pollution. Are you listening? Hear what uninterrupted silence sounds like Post thoughts and comments here.

John Cage, “Water Walk”

Given that music is organized sound occurring over time. How do you view the following piece? (pay close attention to his stopwatch) Score for Water Walk:¬† John Cage is one of the most prominent voices in music of the twentieth century. He studied with Arnold Schoenberg, creator of twelve-tone music. He studied buddhism as well,… Read More John Cage, “Water Walk”