Special Issue: LGBT at Midlife

The LGBT community at midlife has a unique set of experiences and challenges related to aging in a youth-prioritized culture, managing the affects of lifelong discrimination and adverse childhood experiences, potential isolation as they age, and growing and protecting a family in a heteronormative culture. For this part of the blog, we focus on these issues as well as the social justice implications and experiences around the world in global LGBT communities.

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LGBT at Midlife

Richmond-based LGBT resources

Social justice implications of working with LGBT populations

International perspective of the LGBT midlife experience

Student note: Terminology for referencing sexual identity and gender orientation is extensive. For the most part, this blog will reference gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer in accordance with the literature reviewed (e.g., “LGBT,” “LGB,” “LGBTQ”. We also note under “research limitations” that each sexual minority should be researched as a singular group based on its distinct experience rather than being lumped into one category.