Holism of the macro and the micro

Last class we learned the term Epic simile: an epic story within another epic story. Epic similes, though stories of their own, tie into the larger, embodying story. This concept is similar to the theme in our class: microcosms and macrocosms. Why this theme is so salient in our class, I’m still gripping straws at. We focus on the large and the small, in part, because that is what Milton focuses on in his works. But, beyond Milton’s intentions and beyond his works there’s something that underlies all concepts. When writing you focus on each sentence that then makes up the whole written work. Neither one could exist without the other. When playing a sport, say soccer, each individual player acts as a facet to the whole team. A team couldn’t be a team without each player doing their job. At times in biomedical engineering, scientists focus on individual genetic traits and how they interact with one another, and then, from there, they can develop medicines from the outcome of the combination of genetic processes. There’s something in this: the holism of the small and large.

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