Final Thoughts


Here’s a perspective on the UCI World Race from me. I tried to bring in different angles into  my Storify account that included different opinions. I think a great part of the world race was the anticipation. Advertisement and news hit hard– you couldn’t avoid the traction! I was suprised how empty and quiet Richmond felt during the race. I assumed more locals would be around. For me, it felt like the city avoided the race by all means. I barely had to look twice before crossing commonly busy streets. We were urged to stay away from the bike race if necessary. Tons of businesses (including VCU) closed off and worked from home. You can find in one of my articles how it talks about local businesses getting impacted by the race. I talked to a gas station owner that said the race put him into debt. He said that he prepared for the race by buying extra tobacco and alcohol products to only find that there were no VCU student around. Campus was dead. It was hard to get around the street. You had to walk several blocks before being able to cross. Law enforcement was everywhere. The actual race itself was fun and full of energy! I don’t think anyone could deny that it was pretty cool to have the race in our front yards. It was amazing to see how far people traveled to spectate the race. I really enjoyed talking to race spectators to see what their story was. I think our student body did very well with UCI coverage. In my Storify you will find a link by Eurah Lee done for the Richmond Times Dispatch about an unexpected arrest during the race. (Yes, I had to throw a little drama in there.) I think Richmond handled the race pretty well, overall. If anything…we over prepared. Maybe next year more locals will stick around to enjoy the festivities!