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About Me



My name is Janice Millan, a broadcast journalism major at VCU. Outside of school you can find me doing something active whether its swimming, running, volunteering, hiking, shopping…..or eating. (Ok, maybe eating isn’t exactly active.) I signed up for this course because it’s unique. There aren’t many other courses like this on campus so I’m looking forward more about the UCI Championship. I thought it was pretty cool too that this class was only 50 bucks. I like to ride my bike, but not professionally. I don’t have a helmet or the proper cycling bike, but I  take spinning classes sometimes. Leisurely biking is fun. I like to use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Those are the three major social platforms that have been effective in my engagement with others. I use Twitter to connect with other journalists. I use Instagram as a way to get know me, but it still has insight of my journalism journey. Facebook, for me,  is purely for socializing and procrastinating my homework.

UCI Road World- I am ready for you!