Comment on Satan-ish by melb

I think that makes him even more of a bad guy because really he’s just someone who’s hurt. I feel pity for Satan after reading because he was weak compared to Adam and Eve (who symbolize humanity).

Comment on Part 2 by amitawow

The melancholy of those last few lines were so striking. Suprisingly, hopeful. Despite everything that happened in the poem, despite all of man’s flaws, I can’t help but feel that Milton truly roots for humanity.

Comment on Milton the Molinist? by hardenam

I think this is a really interesting idea! Philosophically speaking, the idea of living in a created universe where the creator is all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere kind of makes the idea of free will extraordinarily complicated, so I think Molinism is quite a unique way to look at it. I wonder what Milton would’ve thought? I could definitely see him being one but I can also seeing him having conflict with the premise of Molinism, given how determinedly he believed in the concept of free will and choice. It’s an interesting thought experiment for sure; You always write such thoughtful posts.

Comment on Satan-ish by nguyena36

I always thought Satan to be this ultimate evil until I ended up getting into the DC comics on Lucifer and showed me a different perspective on him. If you end up telling your parents good luck! ????

Comment on They hand in hand… by danielortiz101

Wow, this is awesome! I think the last line is so impactful to understanding that although Adam and Eve were in a way set up for failure, they still had a choice. It’s a harsh way to look at their actions, but without choices, I feel like I am repeating myself, but they would be “puppets in the motions”. And I think it’s important to think about the actions and choices we make today, and that no one forces us to do anything, we always have choices that fall upon us.

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