You are so gifted and Milton is a joke

I’m back with more hyper critical analysis of Milton as a pillar of literature. Here we go.

I once saw this post that was written by WoC who, at an event, was trying to explain what she did for a living. As she was trying to describe that she was essentially a writer, another woman there reminded her there are many mediocre white men writing and labeling themselves writers so she, who is much more talented, should as well. And here we reach Milton.

I was really struck the other day when the professor was talking about how Milton felt his talent for writing poetry was so supreme that it was a gift directly from god that must be exercised. Like, wow. I was gagged to say the least. I think I’ve mentioned how I sometimes find myself writing as many of my peers do as well. Although we all write, how many of us actually refer to ourselves this way?

I’m not sure if you have to be a huge piece of trash to think your writing is something that must be done in order to give to the masses or if it’s the level of confidence I should aspire to. I think there’s a real level of illusion you have to subscribe to in order to think of yourself this way. Not because of an absence of talent but because there were/are so many more talented writers whose work has been soooo much more important who have never seen themselves in this way. At the very least, not publicly where there is a record of this sentiment centuries later.

I’m wondering why so many of us are fearful to call ourselves what we are, at our core, despite what capitalist job we are forced to work. Like, we are writers, not food workers, not retail workers, not our desk jobs. Yet, we hesitate to unabashedly recognize and point to this talent while others around us, mostly anglo men, are like yah I’m a writer when their work is so much less intricate than our own.

As I’m writing this I’m realizing more and more this post is really just me wanting to encourage y’all writers to refer to yourselves that way. Your talent is important and I see you for the work you are and even the work you haven’t done, don’t feel motivated to do; I see you for who you can be, and others do, too.

CALL YOURSELF A WRITER!!! Milton literally considered himself and his abilities a gift from god, you are 100000% more capable and powerful than he ever was. Please recognize your talent <3 <3 <3

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  1. It’s difficult to say why great writers refuse to refer to themselves as “writers.” There’s a level of subjectivity at play; it’s difficult to generalize without sacrificing accuracy.
    Milton is a brilliant writer, and, thinking theologically, it’s not that bizarre to believe God gave Milton the gift of writing beautifully. It was also common then to believe our physical traits were directly bestowed from Him. Raconteur-ism, as it were, was just another one of God’s physical gifts.

    Milton’s not alone in believing this either: (possibly meant to be ironic… not clear)

  2. This was surprisingly wholesome and truly appreciated. My confidence in writing has always been quite low I must say. I hope you always take those words of encouragement and keep it with you through the rest of your years and so forth.

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