Inquiry Project Sketch

Step 2:

1. What is typically understood about your topic, providing necessary background of the issue.

People are well aware of the app, Yelp. It is an online business directory that lets people to search for rates, reviews, and opinions from those who have been to those locations. Yelp is losing its originality and uniqueness because of the endless other businesses that are very similar to Yelp, such as Urbanspoon, AroundME, Foursquare, and many more.

2. What you find problematic about the typical understanding of your topic, and why this problem is significant to understand.

I find it problematic that the Yelp app is losing its uniqueness because of so many other similar apps. There are also many hate because of several reasons: feeling victimized, paid to rate/review, “inaccurate” reviews, threats, and other reasons. I feel like there are many misunderstandings and miscommunications going on on the app.

3. How the research you’ve conducted weighs in on (2) and helps frame how you understand the issue at hand

I have researched on how Yelp can advance more as an app so it can be differentiated from other similar apps. I am focusing on the different directions Yelp can go and what it can bring to its users. I also researched on expanding its business by partnering with other businesses so it can bring more benefits to the users and bring more advancement to the society. I will briefly talk about how people think differently and the different opinions on Yelp.

4. Your thesis; what you think people should embrace instead of (1) given (2) and (3).

I think people should embrace the positive things that Yelp has so far brought: conveniency, quick growth, adjusting to society’s advancement, covers businesses in every category, on mobile, and the positive reviews.

5. The main points of your argument you wish to address demonstrating why (4) and the support you have for these points.

I want to argue that Yelp is/can be a different and unique app, that it brings many benefits to the users, and clear up the misunderstanding many people have on Yelp. I would like to address the direction and expansion Yelp can take to grow more as a business.

Concept Activity

Step 1: For my Inquiry Project, I chose to use the site Wix. I was going to use WordPress since I use that site for a couple of my classes, but I realized it does not go well with the format that I want my project to be in so I went with my second choice, Wix. I chose wix because of its very simple and easy format and system that lets me sign up, choose why I need this site, choose the theme that I want and get started right away. There was not an endless list of themes like other sites which helped me go through the templates real fast and choose the best one that fit my business informing kind of a setting. My platform offers a section where I can put the most recent news/updates on my topic which I thought it was important since my project involves topics on the most current and advanced systems.

Disagreement post

Blog 1 talks about how some qualities are more valued and remains the same even if society changes quoting from “As we may think” and linking it to a Ted Talk video to further explain their position from the reading.
Blog 2, this student believes science is very important to our world, “for communication and improvements.”
I agree with blog 2 on how important science is for the advancement of this world. There has to be advancement in technology in order for us to keep on improving, being creative, and expanding, which connects to my project topics on how Yelp could improve and expand by creative and innovative ideas.

Source 1
Source 2

Look to your peers’ You Make the Call!

In this first blog, the student’s primary text is Uber. Our topics are similar since we are both talking about an app that was made to help us be efficient. This student also focuses in marketing and expansion which are two of the main topics that I will be focusing on on my project.
Blog 2, our topics are not similar but the way that she is carrying the assignment caught my attention. She has very good explanations with details and proofs to back up her points, which is something that I should work on for my project.

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Step 3: You make the call

There are arguments about how Yelp paid people to write certain reviews and that made many users of this app to turn their backs. The reviews that are posted on Yelp should be honest and it should be allowed to say what it wants about each place. It should not be forced, bought, or over exaggerated. Like how I talked about in Step 2, honest reviews are what this business should focus on but also the many qualities that comes with it like, features, business expansion, and partnerships.

Concept Experience: Step 2

The two articles that I have found for “Step 1” of Concept Experience post are articles that contains disagreements. Restaurants owners are fighting back against the negative reviews that unsatisfied customers are posting. One customer rated a restaurant only with one star just because it lacked simplicity, reviews like these make the restaurant owners to show anger and hatred towards them. On the other hand, customers do have the right to write their opinion on their experience and if they received poor service or food, then I believe that it is totally acceptable to be complaining and being honest about it. A quote in this article, “Macri told another Yelp reviewer that she was “full of s–t.” He called one man “proprio scemo” or “just stupid” in Italian and said to another, “If you came back, I’d kick you out again,” it shows here the the owner himself does not act rightfully but instead with anger and threats. I could put a lot of focus on these topics in my project, free speech, fairness, and opinions.

Concept Experience: Step 1

Topics relatable to my sources:

– Yelp features
– Taking over ad market
– Yelp goes international (goes to UK, France, Australia, Turkey)
– Joining forces
– Yelp Reviews

Joining forces and yelp reviews are a big focus in my project. There are many arguments on how the yelp reviews are fake, how they are unfair, and how users have free speech. Even though users of Yelp benefits a lot from this app, there are restaurant owners who are fed up with the misunderstandings and insults of some of their customers. Yelp reviews are supposedly honest on how their experience in the restaurant were, but they are those very picky and harsh reviewers who might be exaggerating their not-so-good experience on their reviews which brings anger to the restaurants owners.

Nugget post

In this article, “Recruiters look for “grit, persistence, competitive spirit, wanting to learn and get feedback,” she said. They also look for diversity.
“We want different thoughts and ideas; if we have more of that variety then we can stay ahead of the game,” these quotes will help me support my idea on how this business could expand and made better for the users. I don’t necessarily see an argument in this article, but it can argue on how Yelp is better than the other competing businesses.