Dorm on fire

If the place I am currently living in is on fire, and I have to choose one thing that I can bring it out with me, it will be my macbook. Other things like clothing, food, text books, I can easily buy it again, but not this macbook. First, this macbook is probably the most expensive object in my room. It is also my graduation present, which it makes it more special, and most of the memories from my life is saved in this laptop. Pictures, important documents, music, programs, are all in here so it makes it much more valuable to me.

2 thoughts on “Dorm on fire

  1. Hi! First I definitely agree with you. I’m also taking my macbook if my dorm was on fire since I do think my macbook is the most important item I possess. Anyways, I really like how you added many reasons to why you would choose your macbook out of your many possessions. I can fully understand why you treasure your macbook so much.

  2. I agree! If my dorm was on fire I would without a doubt take my laptop too. All my other stuff is replaceable too and pretty insignificant compared to my laptop.

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