1.Do you like being the gender that you are? Why or why not.
2.How does halloween costumes affect gender stereotypes?
3.Is gender equality a bigger issue than before?
4.Did female’s halloween costumes become more revealing now compared to the past? Why or Why not?
5.What are the differences between female halloween costumes now compared to the costumes in the past?

Blog post #7

From this week’s classes the topic that interested me the most was gender.
Gender roles determine how men and women should think, talk, behave, and etc.
We talked about men’s rights and how they have more benefits than woman, like getting payed more than women. Thoughts that comes into our mind when we hear the word “man”, is usually strong, tall, handsome, bold, and courageous, while when we hear the word “woman” we usually think about weak, emotional, dependent, and etc. Even though they might have a more positive view and traits, I feel like women have a lot of benefits too. For example, when dating, people usually expect the guys to pay for the food, movie tickets, and we expect a lot from them like holding the doors, having a car, having good taste in clothes, and just being a “man”. In South Korea, men are forced to go to the military when they turn 21, while women doesn’t. Right there that is a huge benefit. On the otter hand, women are always expected to look good, put make up on, dress well, have a good body, and so much more. I guess being a man or a woman has equal amounts of cons and pros.
The picture below is illustrated in a stereotypical way, how the women cooks the food usually and just rest while the men does the work and be taken care by women.


This picture is a list of stereotypes created by men and women


Blog post #6

Is what we did in class, a useful way of talking about racism?   Why/not?  Do you think it is a productive or important thing to spend class time on?

I think it was a very useful way to talk and bring up the topic of racism. For me, it is very awkward and a bit uncomfortable talking about racism, stereotypes, and just things in those line. However, I do believe it is necessary to talk about it since racism is still something that goes on today everywhere from school, hospital, workplace, and etc. We all know that racism is bad, even though we are all aware that we should try to reduce racism, we do not take a lot of time to think further into why we should actually reduce/end it. Some people think the only way we can stop racism is by not talking about it, but the more we talk about the meaning and the story behind it, I believe people will be more aware and have a faster effect of reducing racism. Also, by talking about it with different people shares their insights and stories of how racism affected them. Although by talking about each other’s experience of racism would give us a new understanding, we will not be able to completely understand the struggle that they went through since we can’t really experience someone else’s nationality.
The picture below are examples of racism that people experience.

Blog Post #5

“Privacy is theft. Secrets are lies. Sharing is caring.”
Privacy was one of the themes that really popped out to me from the book. It talks a lot about privacy and shows many examples of it. From the beginning of the book, Bailey stresses out how everything is shared and that is the “mission of the circle”, while showing a slide that said “All that happens must be known”. They have cameras following them all around being able to find out everything through SeeChange is taking all privacy rights from the people who is in the Circle. One of the main character, Mae, the fact that she is so manipulative and follows whatever the Circle makes her think and do is unappealing as a character.
Reading this book made me realize how careful I should be with what I post on social media. The advanced technology we have really makes it hard for anyone to keep track of things going around the internet.