Blog Prompt #9

From the past two weeks’ readings and classes, I was able to really think about education. The meaning of it, what people think about education, and how education affects the society.

Education is a form of learning whether it is knowledge, skills, or beliefs, it is something that every person needs at least a bit to be able to succeed or even survive in life.
In high school, students are taught in a way so that they will be able to do well in college; it’s basically 4 years of preparing for college. Through honors classes, AP classes, and standardized tests, students are pushed to just memorize things and learn things that are irrelevant from what they actually want to learn, just to be able to pass those tests and to get a good GPA. It makes me think if education is just memorizing something to pass a test.
I was looking up on the Internet for the definition of education and I came across a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” I guess tests do help think intensively and critically, but in another quote that I found said, “Education is freedom” by Paulo Freire. I understood it in two ways; you should have the freedom to learn about what you want to learn about, or through education that school gives like tests or SATs, you will get freedom in life because of how much knowledge you will get from those.
I feel like instead of getting answers on who is responsible for education, what the goal of education is, and how we should think about it, I just got more questions to think about.

Blog Prompt # 8

I do not think we have the right to do whatever we want to other species. Just because they are in the lower food chain, smaller, and doesn’t look like a human doesn’t mean they should be treated the way they are being treated right now. From the “Consider the Lobster” story, I was a bit shocked when the author said we should boil it alive so it can be fresh when we eat it. Just for our consumption, animals have to suffer a slow and painful death, yet because of our selfishness of only caring about how it tastes, not many people do much to stop animal cruelty. I feel like animals like cows or pigs are not frowned upon as much as if people were to kill a dog or a cat. From this, I conclude people are either too selfish to care about other things than themselves, or they just don’t care about EVERY living being.
For me personally, I would eat everything that comes to me unless I saw it being prepared from being slaughtered in a cruel way all the way to my plates. I think if people were to see the process of each food that we consumed, more people will become vegetarians.
Even though I did not like the story, “Consider the Lobster”, that much, I believe it raised awareness so that people could realize how cruel we are treating lobsters, or just any other animals that we consume.

This picture shows our cruel killing method in a humorous way

Blog prompt #1

Really late blog post #1, but since there is no specific deadline I think I am fine.
What kinds of writing do you do (school assignments, tumblr, facebook, text messaging, blogging, fanfic, game walkthroughs, email, poetry, diary writing, travel writing, etc.)? Why do you do or not do them?
A type of writing I do the most is texting. I feel like its the most convenient and fastest way to communicate with my friends and family. Usually when I text I can just write whatever I want, without caring about my spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. School assignments on the other hand, like essays or lab reports, I would have to reread and edit it until it meets their requirements.
I actually hate writing. Anything that has to do with sharing what I think about, my opinions, or just the way I write, I feel uncomfortable doing it. Which is also one of the reasons English is one of my least favorite subject.
What I hope to get out from this class is to start liking to write and read. I don’t remember the last time I actually finished a book. Hopefully, I can start enjoying to write through the things that I will be learning in this class t \his year, and also improve my writing skills as well as my communicating skills.
At first, I was afraid that there was going to be a lot of presentations or a lot of assignments where I will be forced to talk in class. Thankfully, besides Fishbowl, there wasn’t any presentations that I had to stress and worry about.
To make this a successful class, I should continue on turning in assignments on time, read the articles/stories that are assigned before each class, and get to class early, which is something I am currently struggling with.