Blog Post #10

Through all the assignments like writing blog posts and essays, I feel like I was able to realize what kind of a writer I am. When I found out that I have to write a blog post every Friday, I was thinking “oh this is going to be another english class that I am going to hate”, but after working on a few blog posts I realized how much freedom I have with this assignment. Even though there was a prompt assigned with each post, I was allowed to branch out and just write about how I felt or what I got from each class like how I would write in my journal. Through these posts, I was able to find out how I write the best and how “exploding” really helps the reader understand who I am or be in that moment with me.
I used to struggle with finishing an essay, I always wrote some bs just so I can meet up the required length. I wasn’t able to really show my voice or show who I really am until I started to write papers for this class. From paper 1 to paper 3, you will be able to see the countless mistakes I made on them since I am not a perfect writer yet, but also you will be able to see how much I have improved on showing myself in the paper and lengthening the essay not by only writing crap but things that is actually related to the prompt of the paper. I still do struggle writing more than four pages for an essay or even 300 words for blog posts, but I am really hoping by the end of the year I can change that and start enjoying writing more and improve on my blogging skills.