Chapter 6: Half-Life

Chapter 6, Half-Life, starts off by talking about young women in their late teens working for the U.S Radium Corporation. The eight hundred women were taking in small amounts of radioactive paint, which gave negative effect to their bodies. The page is black and white that shows it’s factual. The picture on the next page is pink and brownish red, which made me think of the radioactive paint going into the women’s bodies.
Page 92 and 93 contains bright colors like green, bright red/orange, and yellow. At first, I thought if might portray good and happy feelings but with the harsh lines and the red-ish pink blur I thought it could actually portray the danger of radioactive.
Page 94 and 95 talks about how Pierre is ill and the good times Curies and their daughter had. The drawing and colors shows happiness and calmness of the time that they had together.
For page 94 and 95, the first feeling I had from the colors and the drawing was someone died, or something depressing happened. The drawing perfectly describes Eve’s story of how her father died. Pierre went between the horses and one of the wheels hit his skull and his cranium was crushed and died bleeding out from his head.
Page 98-101 gives a gloomy and sad mood since it’s describing how Pierre died. Page 98 and 99 differs from the next pages because the background is white like an x-ray kind while the outline is blue. Page 100 and 101 shows two men taking the Pierre’s body away, and the corpse seems like its glowing from radiation. The page colors are mostly dark blue, which shows the grief from losing a father and husband.
Page 102 and 103, the page is simple with black and white. It gives a refresh/new feeling with the flower pictures on the next page, which makes me think that even if Pierre died what he has done is ongoing and alive.
Page 104 and 105, it talks about how Marie found out her husband died and the her body is a darker blue than the background which shows how sad she is from his death while the flowers Pierre picked are colorful, bright, and alive.
In the last two pages, Marie describes how Pierre’s body looked like while she saw/touched him. “vivid and colorless” She then proceeds on talking about his coffin and how she can’t see him anymore but also says how she is actually okay. The last page with a blue background with white glowing light, could be saying how Marie was sad and depressed but the light or energy that was transferred to her from Pierre from the coffin will help her.